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    I have a 8 month old Kelpie x we don't know, we think she is border collie (Nova). We are having issues with her digging holes at the moment.

    We need some ideas to help keep her entertained during the week as both myself and my husband are gone from home from 7am to 5pm. I do take her for runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and we spend time playing ball with her & our another dog.
    The only solution that we have found to work is to tie her but i don't really like doing it.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Walking everyday is best. But when time or weather is an issue for us we give ours marrow bones. They don't seem to be so destructive while there eating them

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    Bones, kong's with some bickies in it, If you go to the pet warehouse's i think there is some spray stuff that you can spray around area's prone to digging.

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    I give my dogs lots of things to chew. They get kongs stuffed with food. They have a couple o big blocks of wood which I have no idea where they came from but they love them. Loads of toys.

    When Pippi digs, I chuck a poo in the hole and leave it. She never returns to that hole. After doing this for a while she has stopped digging.

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    we built a sand pit and hid treats in it, but definately a walk every morning, and I would feed something hard to eat after their walk, like a roo tail so it takes a while to get through it (frozen still if it's summer, I take the harsh cold off in the microwave if it's winter)
    Cheers Aleesha
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    A tired dog is a good dog- they need to be walked EVERY DAY not only 3 days a week. Any chance a local teenager could walk them for a small fee while you are at wk? A friend on a wt loss mission?

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    Lots of threads on this subject back through the pages.

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    I have heard that the best solution was to give the dog an area that they are allowed to dig. ie the sandpit idea above.

    @ Lala's response. I am glad it worked!
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    Have you thought of making an area where the dog can't escape so yep a wired cage .
    It would have to be a good size with shelter and have an area where it is concreted and then a grass or dirt section in it.
    This way the dog will understand when it is in there it will be for a while and soon will get so use to it.
    But I to like the idea of a young kid coming in to walk it a couple of times a day while you are at work.

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    Looks like you need to set the alarm an hour earlier and go walkies… if that’s not an option then try the services of a local dog walker, these breeds need lots of stimulation.
    When you leave her make sure she has some interactive toys, give her breakfast in a Kong or some other treat dispensing toy… hiding dry dog food and treats around the garden is another great way to keep dogs entertained.

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