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    hello i'd like to know what is your fav animal or animals and why. mine are mexican walking fish because they have 4 legs and can walk around the fish tank and my dogs, jack russels because they are SO cute and beagles with their floppy ears.

    by for now not for ever.

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    I no u shouldnt have fav pets but I've had Tessa for almost 16 years. I was 11 wen mum got her for me when she had just left my dad. They had a horrible divorse and long story short, Tessa was there for me and my brother no matter what. We could always talk to her. Still do lol. She is different to any other animal I have owned / knew and she will always be my favorite anything. She is my furr baby and will hold a special place with me forever.

    I don't think I would be who I am today if she wasn't around.

    So she is my fav animal

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