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Thread: How to Entertain Bored 'teenage' Dog During Days of Torrential Rain in Winter?! Help!

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    Default How to Entertain Bored 'teenage' Dog During Days of Torrential Rain in Winter?! Help!


    Our bright 7.5 month old is bored and pestering to play ALL THE TIME today. We've got torrential rain, wind and even water spouts outside with no sign of letting up. The garden's a giant waterfall and the dog park is only suitable for hippos.

    What to do? She's adorable but driving me batty. There's only a certain amount of running/skidding around the house after toys that a Golden Retriever can do, and she's become so good at 'hide and seek' that each run now only lasts 20 seconds.

    I am trying to work/cook/read/do something other than acting like a personal canine entertainment unit. Help! More dog-occupying ideas please!

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    We also get very wet periods.....e use dog puzzles, we are actually very lucky, because one of the Dog food places hires them out quite cheap. Dog IQ Puzzles Nina Puzzles for Dogs : BestFriends General Store
    My dogs love them. you can also teach an endless number of tricks. great for rainy days. Just youtube dog tricks, just try kikkopup. Lots of training to do and entertain your pooch. pup will be tired and you can sleep/read
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    You can make your own puzzle game by putting a treat under a plastic cup. Show the dog. Move the cups around and let them figure the rest out. Johnny loves this one – tip don’t use glass cups!

    Training is good in this weather – Johnny now runs into his crate when I say “in crate” from anywhere in the house.

    Kongs are also good distractions. And tug toys work if you are short on space.

    Looks like the rain won’t be stopping anytime soon – Guess we won’t be going to flyball tonight ):

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    Also depending on where you live there are dog day care facilities around the place too. They are pretty good for exercise and socialisation but they aren’t usually cheap!

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    Thanks for the ideas. The challenge we have is that she learns things so fast that a puzzle or game is over on two wags of a dog's tail. She's on to it in a flash.

    Did anyone see that so called "IQ test for dogs" on some show or other? I think it was Catalyst? The one with the bowl of food behind a wire fence, and the dogs had to figure out how to get to it. Well, we couldn't help but wonder where they found all of those really dumb dogs, or so it seemed to us. Our 7-month old simply doesn't hesitate on that stuff - there's not a moment spent thinking; she's just "Oh, it's over there. I'll whip up here, around there, through here...nom, nom, nom." It makes her hard to entertain.

    Rather contradicting that is that she never seems to tire of a simple game of fetch. She's happy doing that until exhaustion. If only we had a long enough hallway.
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    Another IQ test involves hiding a bit of kibble or a toy under a blanket...

    So you could get a squirrel dude - and fill that full of kibble, or freeze food in a kong - takes a while to dig out.

    And you could get a crate, and crate train your dog as per Susan Garrett Crate games. You spend 20 minutes (for a smart dog) or an hour or so for a dog like mine, teaching it what it needs to do to permission to leave the crate and to enjoy being in there so much it will willingly go back in when you ask (promite on toast is handy for this).

    So then your game is "get in the crate", "wait", "come out the crate", "wait", "get in the crate". Or if you want some peace - work on drop stays.

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