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Thread: Is My Pup a Pure Mini Foxie or Cross?

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    Default Is My Pup a Pure Mini Foxie or Cross?

    We rescued this little boy from death row and I was just wondering if he was a pure MF or not? To me he looks like it but his colours kind of throw me a little. There are heaps of little black spots all over him and so I have been searching on the internet about them and there doesn't appear to be many MF's with the same spots.
    I'm not worried by any means if he isn't a pure since I still feel great saving this little guy and he is perfect in our family.

    The picture isn't the best because he's very camera shy.

    Thank you
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    He's a cutie all right!! You can also try searching under Tenterfield Terrier.

    He does look pure to me. But I'm no breed expert. I do see Tenties at dog shows regularly and they look very similar.

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    he looks cute.
    me and my friend have jack russels cross foxies and they look the same as your dog so we think yours is a jack russel cross foxie.
    hope all will be well with your new dog.

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    If he didn't come with a pedigree showing his 'purity' then you can never, ever know. I'd probably not worry about the 'pure' and just say he is a MF, cause he certainly looks like one.
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    As Anne said, you will never know for sure, but you could definitely get away with saying he is.
    He's a cutie!

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    Thank you all. It really didn't bother me like I said. But I have seen many pound puppies be called one breed and they are actually another. So just wanted to see what you's thought.

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