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Thread: "What Age is a Staffy Fully Grown"

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    Talking "What Age is a Staffy Fully Grown"

    Our Makdog is a 6mnth old English Staffy..........

    He is so Boisterous and full character.. we love him for it....


    sometimes the chewing gets a bit out of hand and the digging holes in the yard....

    At what age would he be fully grown?

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    Chewing and digging are training issues as well.

    Physical maturity is usually attained (for dogs of small to medium size) between 12 months and 18 months.

    Staffords are terriers, they like to dig. It may be an idea to give him a sandpit or an area where he is allowed to dig as some of them never grow out of it.

    He will be teething at the moment and the chewing relieves the pain of his adult teeth coming through. Make sure he has plenty of chewable items such as meaty bones, pigs ears, chew toys etc and always put away anything to avoid it being chewed.

    Some chewing can come from anxiety and many other causes too.

    Your boy is adorable too!

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    Default Thanks AngelanBatty

    Thanks for the info AngelanBatty

    The sandpit is a great idea.

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    Hi Toni

    You might want to have read of Steve Courtney's puppy development schedule. 6months onwards can be very difficult but it's worth it. My brother's staffy is still quite the enthusiastic character - but she doesn't dig holes or chew things she shouldn't. You can't go near her when she finds a big stick tho. She waves it round like Laurel with a ladder.

    Dog Training Article - Puppy Development Schedule - K9 Pro

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    any 6 month old is a pup and will be naughty... I dont think its a staffy thing.. mine are all perfect... haha... make sure he has lots of toys to chew and play with... you will need staffy proof toys... a kong is great but it needs to be the black ones, fill it with treats or vegemite... change the toys regularly to keep him busy... make sure you keep the yard free from things he can chew, you dont want him learning to do it... I've never had a stafford that digs, but the sand pit idea sounds good... good luck... your boy is cute...

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    Thanks all, great comments and very helpful...

    someone just saw a pic of our Makdog and saod he looks like a cross breed?

    well I don't know??? maybe he is??

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    Hyacinth, great info there will check that out thankyou.

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