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    Hi All, sorry am new to all this dog ownership and would love some advice. My fiancee and I have recently bought a spoodle pup, he is 16 weeks old and we love him very much.

    He is getting on well when we are in the house, playing nicely, eating well and seeming very content. However he is extremely attached to us and will only play when we are in the room / garden with him.

    Also we both work full time, so have to leave him during mon-fri. One of us comes home at lunchtime for a walk and when we cant do that we are paying a dog walker to take him out for an hour with other dogs so he has company.

    Are we cruel owners, will he be living a bad life if we arent working from home or with him all the time? we dont let him sleep in our bedroom so just worry he is alone so often. Any advice is much appreciated. The last thing I want to ever do is give him up but I dont want to be a bad owner either


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    You're not bad owners at all. He is a dog, not spun glass.

    I like the fact he has a dog walker or one of you go home for lunch. That is more than 99.9% of dog in this world get, good job!

    If you are really concerned still, you can always buy him a playmate. I would never personally have a single dog. I have always had a minimum of 2.
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    Def not bad owners!!! me and my hubby were in the same situation with a pup at home 8.30 - 5 mon -fri. I to felt guilty as hell about it and tried to come home in lunch breaks when I could! Recently I left the full time wrk force to study and it seems that all he does during the day is to sleep anyway!!! Having said that I always left him with lots to do (bones, kong with frozen peanut butter, treats hid in the yard, wading pool and kiddie sand pit, radio on quietly etc)

    Got another pup a month ago as a play mate for Chief Hound (and of course because we genuinely were desperate for a second dog!) and they are smitten with each other!

    I think as long as the dog gets enough stimulation when your home via play or exercise (when shes a bit older!) and shes not distressed by your absence it is fine

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    I think you pup is luckier then most..........I too do not ever own a single dog, but that is a very personal choice.
    We also used to both work and keep our dogs in a large kennel-room with run for the hours we were away. Our dogs were never anxious and just happy to see us when we got home.
    But the one trick we do use, is when we come home we do not make much fuss of our dogs. We just walk in and make a cuppa and just ignore them mostly. After about ten minutes we check them out and often take them for a walk. We do the same on the way out, even now that they stay in the house. We just walk out and say nothing. Sometimes we leave them with a little treat, but often nothing. Our dogs are very nonchalant about our coming and goings because of this. But we do have four...........
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    My dog just sleeps when I'm not home. She sleeps a fair bit when I am home. Most dogs and especially puppies will sleep quite a bit.

    At 16 weeks - that's around 3.5 months - he would only need around 15 to 20 minutes of exercise - following the 5 minutes per month of puppy age as a rule of thumb (guideline like). So if you took him for a short walk before you went to work and played a few training games with him, he would probably be quite happy to sleep all day.

    If you do decide to get a friend for him, make sure you have him trained to your satisfaction eg comes when you call him etc or he will train the new puppy to be just like him - ie no recall, barking and chewing and digging when he shouldn't etc. And take your first dog with you to meet any new dog - to make sure they get along. Some dogs prefer to be an only "child".

    And consider getting a puppy from rescue or a pure bred. Spoodles often come from puppy mills - where the parent dogs live in horror conditions and the puppies are taken from their mums too young (less than 8 weeks old) and lack proper dog and human social skills ie they may pick fights with other dogs because they don't know how to do proper doggy greetings and they're easily frightened.

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    I used to face the same thing with my dog- Snoopy, but he eventually got used to staying home by himself, as getting him a companion was not much of an option for us. Kongs work wonders to reduce inital separation anxiety- start off with easy to get out fillings, and make it harder as you go on, otherwise he might just give up on it and continue to be miserable.Tasty fillings like- stuffing pieces of bacon into the kong with a bit of peanut butter, will cheer him up. Spread little treats around the house- pieces of jerky, so that he learns that when he's alone, he gets rewards that he usually doesn't get. Give him a bone and toys to play with during the day, so he doesn't get bored.

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    Hi I'm new to this forum but thought I'd comment on this. I also leave my 4month old GSP at home 9-5 mon to fri. I supply her with 4 different types of kongs, puppy bones etc to keep her occupied. I find the puppy kongs are good during teething especially if you freeze them like Coop&Teak! suggested.
    She also goes on 'playdates' twice a week to my parents (they have a 7month old Ridgeback) which she loves. So maybe you could arrange a visit with any of your friends dogs? Obviously not unsupervised if they're new to eachother.
    Just a thought!

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