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    ok short one but im sure a common one.

    Roxy my 8month old Kelpie X barks... alot. here is a short list of when she barks most:

    - when im sitting down rexting she throws her ball at me and if i dont play i get constant barking
    - when playing with my other dog she will often bark at him
    - when needing to go outside to toilet
    - when people are near her and ignoring her

    i know alot of the barking is when she is ignored. so ideas on how to stop this please. i am happy to try anything.


    p.s she gets exercised everyday and is always with my rotty so is not alone. also she is not desexed yet (will when i can get enough money together) if that makes a difference.

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    I have found what worked for my noisy boy was teaching him to speak on command so I could then teach him to shut up when I told him.

    Same with some other bad habits he used to have, we taught him to do them on command and now he just wont do them unless asked.

    However, he can still be noisy when playing etc.

    Sorry I cant be more help but good luck with it.

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    I feel your pain.

    You have to look at what you are doing that makes her think that barking works.

    So my dog barks at me when she wants attention but she will eventually give up if she doesn't get it. And I have to be really really careful not to do anything to reward the barking. I have one exception and that's when I'm making dinner for dog, because she has barked before I even got her - the staff at AWL said she barked a lot as a puppy at dinner time. But I make her stay on her mat and I give her treats for staying on her mat, ie she's not allowed to stand or sit near me when I'm getting her dinner ready (or mine).

    Strangely, once I've put her dinner down in front of her, and she's waiting for permission to eat it, she doesn't bark. She just looks at it. She used to look at me but I started only releasing her when she looked at the food - because I want her to focus forward in agility, ie release when she's looking at the jump (not me).

    Anyway - I digress a little bit.

    Have you taught loud kelpie to bark on command? Because that sure shuts mine up. Ie barking suddenly has value - so we're not going to waste it. So I command her "what you say?" when she's barking her head off, and say "yes" and treat... and then do that again a few times, and eventually I'm treating for the pre-bark "rrooo roo" noise - much quieter. So my dog can be barking her head off and I go "what you say" and she goes from loud to "roo? rooowll"

    And from there you can add "quiet" and dish out some treats between noise.

    You really don't want her to stop telling you when she needs to go toilet? But you could retrain her to ring a bell at the back door if you want.

    One evil thing I do when dog barks at me for a squirrel dude refill - I put the squirrel dude in the cupboard. If she barks at food on the counter, I put a pile of tin cans between it and her.

    If she's being absolutely impossible - I sometimes lock her outside or inside in crate. Sometimes I send her to her mat, and reward that.

    The reason you ( and everyone else) gets constant barking if you don't play is sometimes you do play when she barks. Like the poker machine payout for the game junkie.

    So only play if she's quiet. Start with two seconds of quiet. Try to get her in a game before she starts barking. Pack the game up if she barks...

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    thanks. I am trying to teach her to bark on command. she is starting to learn i will play when she gives me her toy and just sits quietly and i wont play when she barks at me. ear plugs are helping there lol.

    will keep up updated on how she goes

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