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    Hi Guys!! I am in desperate need of some advice. I have 5 dogs and the whilst the heirarchy has all but been determined, I am finding issues with my two youngest dogs (they are 10 months and 8 months old). Initially Cookie (10 month old) and Pip (8 month old) got on like a house on fire - playing together all day; cuddling up at night.

    But in the past month or so, Cookie has become quite aggressive towards Pip. She seems to get jealous if Pip is picked up (even if Cookie has just had a cuddle), or if Pip enters a room either before or after Cookie. Yesterday when I got home from work, all 5 dogs were jumping around in excitement, and Cookie had a go at Pip, who ran off wimpering.

    It is ven to the point where when the dogs are put to bed at night, Pip is too scared to go into their kennel, as Cookie will attack her, biting her and growling at her. Poor little Pip just sits outside shaking and hoping paw to paw. I have to coax her in, and then distract Cookie so that she doesn't pick on Pip!

    Cookie always stops as soon as she is told too, and sits and calms down, but I can see how frightened Pip is of her (not all the time, just when it's time to go to sleep, or they want attention).

    I'm worried Cookie will really hurt Pip one day. I know they're just trying to find their place in the social hierachy of the group, but Cookie has become more and more aggressive recently and I don't know what to do about it!

    Any advice is appreciated!!

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    How serious are the attacks, ie has there been any injuries and does the aggressor stop the attack when then the victim submits (rolls over and bears the throat) ?
    How do you react when the attacks occur ?
    Do you take a leadership role and enforce the rules or do you mostly try to protect Pip ?
    By mollycoddling the weaker dog you could be reinforcing the fear and encouraging the victim behaviour.
    Not any easy problem, but many times a pack of dogs will sort out their own pecking order.
    If the attacks are not serious and the aggressor knows the rules of when to stop it could be best to take a leadership role and enforce rules rather than taking a protective role.

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    Are they spayed? What breeds?

    You will find that bitches hold grudges and will likely fight (sometimes to the death) if behaviour like this continues. I strongly suggest you seek a behaviourist who specialises in dog-to-dog problems. Where are you located?

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    Your puppies have just hit adolescence and the second fear period, the combination means they will push boundaries and be completely obnoxious without enough exercise, attention and training.

    Dog Training Article - Puppy Development Schedule - K9 Pro

    Yesterday when I got home from work, all 5 dogs were jumping around in excitement
    It's important you don't greet or acknowledge any dog that is jumping around. I get all my stuff unpacked from the car and then take my dog out to potty and wait until she has before I greet her. There is no jumping around excitedly when I arrive or leave.

    Pip needs a safe place to be where Cookie can't hurt her. Expecting five dogs to sleep in one kennel seems over the top to me. They should have one kennel each and the choice of whether they share or not. And if one dog is being aggressive to other dogs it should be confined separately where it can not harm the others.

    The only places I've known that have had more than two dogs together - keep them all separate. Farm dogs or show dogs. It's too much risk to allow them to run together.

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