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    Hi there,

    Charlie is 13 weeks old and i have taken him on a few little walks and he seems to be ok when we have our older dog with us but when i take him on his own particulary in the morning he stops and sits and cries after about 10 metres. No matter how far we walk as soon as we turn around to head home he knows it and starts bounding and running almost (which id love him to be like the whole walk!). i am only taking him for 10mins and have tried giving him treats on the walk to make it fun but cos i have recently taught him to sit for a treat i find him stopping and sitting when he sees the treat which is not helping with the flow of walking..

    Any tips? I LOVE walking and really want to train him to love it to!

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    I give my dog (soft) treats while we are moving, as well as when she does an automatic sit when I stop. But she gets nothing if she stops without me stopping first (signal for sit) or asking for a sit.

    If the dog is sitting when you don't ask or stop - don't treat or pat. Wait for when the puppy is doing what you want. Puppy is currently shaping you to dish up treats. Remember who is supposed to be in charge of the treats.

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