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    Will you have a pretty good idea of how big your dog is going to get? We have a 5 month old and she hasn't grown as much as I'd expected in the last few months. Wondering if there is a certain time or way you can judge how big they'll get?

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    Depends on the breed. Some small breeds are mostly grown to size at less than 6 months, where as some giant breeds won't be fully grown until 3 or 4 years.

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    I always think up for the first year and out for the second.

    This doesnt apply to all dogs but as a generalisation it works pretty well. Though I have usually found that by about 6 months old most dogs are pretty much at their adult height with maybe a tiny bit more to go. i.e. Barney is a big dog - not giant but hes large - and at 6 months old he was only about an inch away from his adult height. Though for about 2 years after that he got much larger round the chest and head etc

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