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Thread: How Do I Get My Puppy to Walk on a Leash?

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    Default How Do I Get My Puppy to Walk on a Leash?

    How do I get my puppy to walk on a leash? He is about 9 weeks old and is a Cavoodle. Just so you know he is the runt of the litter. Just wondering because he hates the leash. Thanx bye

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    Even though this is a crossbreed forum, you should know that there is no such thing as a 'cavoodle.' What you have is a cavalier cross poodle; it is not a breed. You will be pounced on for using designer dog names here!

    Are you trying to walk the pup outside on the leash? If so, he is far too young to be outside the home yet. He needs all his vaccinations before he can be in public. The first step to getting him used to it would be letting him wear his collar and leash around the house (supervised, of course) for short periods of time and rewards. Do not scold or use negative reinforcement. Then you can progress to holding the lead and 'walking' him short distances from room to room. He should get the idea pretty quickly.

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    Lie the leash on the ground very flat, and give him a pole fo rbalance LOL

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    vague rule of thumb for walking a dog - 5 minutes per month of age. So this puppy should be maxing out at 10 minutes anyway.

    So basic trick shaping for the collar then the lead then walking with the lead should do it. Ie you get thirty bits of roast chicken chopped up tiny - per session.

    Session 1.
    you say "yes" (or click the clicker if you have one) and give the dog a piece of roast chicken. Count to three, and do it again. Repeat 5 times.

    Now you get the collar - is he ok with the collar - you could skip this step...
    you click the collar clip together, say yes and then give the dog a piece of chicken, count to three, unclip, clip yes chicken repeat 5 times...

    Dog should be getting pretty enthusiastic about this game by now.
    you get the lead, and you click the clip on the lead (don't put it on the collar yet), give a bit of chicken - count to three then repeat - five times.

    Note it's really important to give a 3 second or longer gap between dishing out the chicken because you need the dog to notice the difference between click/yes -> chicken and not chicken -> click yes. So if you go click treat click treat click treat with no gap there is no difference... and the click/yes/clip-click will have no value to the dog.

    so that's half the chicken gone.
    now you clip the collar on the dog's neck and treat...count to three, unclip clip around neck and treat repeat 5 times.

    next clip on the collar - treat.

    then clip the lead on, treat, count to three, unclip the lead... repeat 5...

    Now for the walking bit.

    You want to work "the reinforcement zone" (the susan garrett way). stand up with the dog with the collar and lead on (treat for each assembly), and if the dog goes anywhere near your hip, give a treat. touch the treat to your hip, then give to the dog. If the dog sits (hope you trained this first)... stand next to the dog so it is in your prefered walking position and then give a treat. 3 second gap - repeat. Do not take any steps except to get back into the right position next to the dog. eg dog on your left, both of you facing the same direction. Repeat at least 5 times but as long as it takes to get the dog to sit next to you happily in that position. Every five treats, have a break and play a tug or chasey game or something that involves a bit of running around.

    you might need to stop (ie training session should be 30 treats or 1 to 2 minutes max. Try to quit before the dog loses interest. Time how long that takes (or how many treats) and then stop slightly before that next time.

    Ok when the dog can hold a sit in the "reinforcement zone" at your side, on lead, take one step forward with the leg next to the dog, and wait. Hopefully the dog will step up next to you, and you say "yes" and give the dog a treat for being in the zone. repeat five times. Have a play break, and try again.

    when one step is easy, try with two steps... etc. Do not drag the puppy by the lead and do not hold a treat out in front of its nose to make it move. If it's not co-operating have a break or just wait.

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    Lala- you literally made me laugh out loud!!!

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