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Thread: Bonding My Pup with My Older Dog

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    Default Bonding My Pup with My Older Dog

    We have a 10wk old pup and want to start bonding it with our much older (and a little cranky) airdale who is about 11yo.

    1. pup is due for 2nd vaccination in two weeks, can we let them together before this as we have been told not to til 2 weeks post 2nd vax so have him inside at the moment.
    2. Do you think if we put pup in a large pen outside that he will bark and just want to be on the otherside? We need to get him used to the fresh outdoor air and not have him cooped up inside all day while we are at work.
    3.Do you think it is safe to leave pup in the backyard (in a pen) with the older dog on the other side?
    4.Any ideas on making older dog like pup? Pup is very interested by older dog but he groans a little when we let pup around his feet. He is quite a grumpy thing and often has a go at dogs at the dog park but not usully smaller dogs

    In a bit of a pickle but nothing im sure a thousand households out there havent dealt with before.

    Appreciate your help. Only friendly responses please.

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    I had my two together from day one, even though pup didn't have all her needles (but older dog did).

    As for bonding, it will happen Imagine being in a country where no one spoke your language, except for one other person. You'd naturally gravitate towards them, wouldn't you? I've found the same with dogs.

    They'll sort out the details, but it's safe to say pup will love the other dog, and the older boy might surprise you with his patience for the puppy. However, being he's 11yo, I'd also make sure he has some time each day to himself

    You'll just have to try the pen, and see how they go. At the end of the day, you need to do what works.

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