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    Has anyone used one of these with the artificial grass with their puppy with success? Thanks

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    My sister has one, been using it for about a year.
    She has Jacks. She lives in a small unit that only has a concrete back patio area so trained the dogs "eventually" to use it. The younger dog took to it quicker than her older guy. She reckons no matter how much she scrubs under the grass area, it still smells to her? She is quite anal though. Lol I've honestly not gone and smelt it so I just take her word on that..
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    Yes i used artificial grass in different areas of my house like in the dog house in my lawn besides the swimming pool it is a very good idea like for cleaning purpose for dog house and maintenance purpose for garden no problem at all no need for watering cutting or fertilizing etc.......

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    no, but how about using the WIZDOG indoor potty training system? not only is it cheap, but very easy to clean up afterwards. Here is the link if you might be interested and want to know more details:
    WizDog | INDOOR DOG POTTY | Dog Litter Box | Pee Pads For Dogs

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