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    Hello Dog lovers

    The missus and i have just picked up our new puppy, a female australian bulldog called tilly on the weekend. She is 8 weeks old.
    The training is going well at the moment but i just have a couple of things im not sure about when she does something wrong.

    1. Going into the garden. Our backyard is quite large and grassed, but for some reason she keeps running around in the mulch and sand in the garden when she gets excited. when i give her a pigs ear or a toy she runs around the yard for a bit and then straight into the garden and under a tree. I say "OUT" but she just sits there and keeps playing. If she doesnt come out i say "out" again and grab her by the scruff of her neck and drag her out. She then comes out for a couple of seconds and then runs straight back in. I think Tilly thinks its a game because her tail is wagging the whole time. Any ideas?

    2. When the missus and i are inside, tilly stays at the side door and starts crying and howling. Is totally ignoring her the best way for her to stop or should we go up to the door and say "No" or stop".

    Our puppy is mostly an outside dog but we do let her in sometimes.

    Cheers in advance
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    You really can't train a puppy "not" to do something.

    What you need to do is train the puppy to do what you want. They have no understanding of "out","no","stop". They don't speak English.

    You also want your puppy to be happy to be caught, not in fear of punishment. So any time you plan to grab your puppy, have a toy or a treat to give her when you do so she associates being caught with good things.

    You may need to make a dedicated sand pit for your dog and teach her to play in there, put toys and treats in there for her. And call her to it any time she goes somewhere you don't want her.

    If you talk to the dog or scold it when it's doing something you don't want, the dog usually views that as attention and encouragement. Also if the dog is being noisy and you join in, that's definately encouraging. Ie you're all barking and howling together like wild dogs do. You want to give the dog something else to do. Save up some of her dinner and put it in a squirrel dude or kong (with peanut butter to hold it in if it's dry food), and give that to her before you go inside. Only go outside to her when she's quiet, start with one second of quiet and build up.

    So I recommend you find youselves a puppy pre-school and then an obedience training class and learn how to train your dog.

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    Have a go at the "triangle of temptation" - I never tied my dog up but I always made her sit and stay for her dinner and I vary the length of time and the number of tasks she must do before she gets her dinner. It helps teach impulse control.

    But don't expect too much, this is only a puppy. Focus on making sure it's easy for her to do what you want. If she isn't - figure out how you can make it easier for her to get right. And - you will either need to fence off the important bits of your back yard that you want to save, or kiss them good bye while you have a puppy.
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    Hyacinth deserves a medal.
    The breeder of your pup really ought to have provided some advise on at least basic training I do hope you take note of advise so nicely given

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