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Thread: Groodle or Labradoodle

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    Default Groodle or Labradoodle

    Hi all,

    My husband and I are wanting to buy a puppy. We have seen both of these breeds and I think they are just stunning. I have heard mixed reviews on them though. I would prefer a dog with a gentle and somewhat intelligent temperament as we would like to have kids soon. I would prefer a breed that is low allergen also. Are either of these breeds suitable? Id like to hear anything about them, good and bad. Also, can anyone recommend any other breeds that might be suitable?

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    Neither of them are breeds FYI, they are cros breeds.

    If you want a gentle intelligent dog with low allergen, why not just get a purebred poodle?

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    Take a look at the Australian Labradoodle Association website. There is a list of accredited breeders. Puppies come with a genetic health guarantee, desexed etc. They are doing a ton of work towards refining this mix which just does not include the Labradore and Poodle, but also Cocker Spaniels. The multi generation Doodles have a very good chance of not shedding and you have an option of 2 coat types. The fleece or wool.

    There is a forum for Labradoodle owners that I visit where the owners give glowing reports about their dogs.

    I really love Labradoodles and I am currently on the 'hunt' for the ideal one.

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    Yes, agree with maplegum. If you really want a Labradoodle, then talk with someone form the Labradoodle Assoication. Don;t risk buying some backyard bred cross from someone who has no controls on their breeding or kmowledge of what they are doing.

    I would also strongly recommend you check out Poodles, Portuguese Water Dogs and even the Lagotto as well.
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    If you want a dog that doesn't trigger your allergies, you need to find out what it is about the dog that does trigger your allergies. With some people it's not the hair and dander (skin shedding), it's the dog's saliva and you need to check that. So you'd need to find a breeder willing to sell you a dog that will give you samples (in consultation with your doctor or allergy specialist) to check that their dogs don't trigger your problems.

    If you want a dog that sheds less hair - you're not guaranteed with any of the poodle crosses - as they might take after the not-poodle side of the family. You'd need to find a breeder willing to let you check that too. I imagine the labradoodle association is trying to breed dogs that shed less hair so they might be a good place to start. But you get the same deal with poodle, bedlington terrier, and the breeds Anne listed. The look of labradoodles is very variable in the adult dogs too. I've seen some that have the dreadlock look, and some that are wire haired like a cairn terrier. You might find you do better with something like a lagotto - gorgeous looking dog.

    If you do get a dog that doesn't shed, you may need to get it clipped instead to keep its coat healthy. Most people I know get these dogs clipped once a month or every 6 weeks and it can cost $40 to $80 if you get someone else to do it.

    Dog Allergies|Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

    And while you're choosing a place to get your puppy, please avoid the pet shops as they usually have puppies from puppy mills and those dogs can be badly socialised so they pick fights with other dogs, and they may have large numbers of joint and other expensive health problems as most of the puppy farmers do not do any health checks for genetic diseases or other problems before they choose two cute looking dogs to mate.

    Internet information can be faked, you do need to meet some people and dogs face to face and use recommendations from people you know - face to face, before you make your final choice.

    These links give you some idea of what to look for in a good breeder and how to choose the right puppy.
    Digital Dog Training Textbook | Dog Star Daily
    What is a responsible companion animal breeder? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase
    How do I avoid supporting puppy farms? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase
    Volhard Dog Training - Puppy temperment assessment (pick the friendly puppy)
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    Can't add anything else to Hyacs post.
    I'm against purposely and accidental breeding of crossbreeds, so I can't help you with that.
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    Thanks for all the advice. I'll try doing some more research.

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    My mother has a labradoodle a friend gave her. She has a beautiful temperament with kids but her coat is very high maintenence. It doesnt shed but it grows long and straggly and tangles easily so she needs regular maintenence and clipping. I have to say that the tight wool of our poodle was less prone to tangling and easier to groom.

    She came from a backyard breeder and has various health issues like allergies so it is good to do your homework.

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    Other option for a low allergy dog (and assuming you follow Hyacinth's advice) might be the Japanese Spitz - though they do shed majorly twice a year (girls) and once a year (boys)

    On a side note - all dogs are intelligent - but every lab and poodle I know seems to be a little on the slow side! If you're after intelligence - maybe ask the breeder whether any dogs in the line have won a skill based title of some sort?

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    I can vouch for that stonecutter, I have 2 Poodles, one is extremely smart, the other, well I would say "dumb as a box of rocks" but that would be insulting the rocks.

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