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Thread: Puppy Vaccinations

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    Default Puppy Vaccinations

    hey there,

    i was just after some personal opinions on this matter i will have to deal with. i'm bringing home a pup in 2 1/2 weeks time and it will be 8 weeks old by then. (big excited jump for joy !!!) as i have done with all other dogs, they get their vaccinations, then the booster once a year and also heartguard and worming and all that stuff.

    my puppy will be living w/ my partners dog, Moto. now my partner has never given his dogs anything other than the puppy vaccinations. no annual ones, heartguard treatment or anything else. he's 1st dog lived to 14 and had a great life. Moto is 4 and completely healthy. (lots of good luck !!) it's obviously his personal choice but if it was me, i'd want to eliminate any risk that could make my dog sick. you'd be kicking yourself if you didn't right ? and then find out you lost your dog to something that could have been prevented.

    so my questions is: when the pup comes home, is it okay for him to be w/ Moto ?? and i just keep them both out of public places until the pup is covered after his last vaccine ??? i'm just worried that maybe Moto could catch something from another dog and then pass it on ??

    or should i push to tell my partner that Moto should take on a regular routine of heartguard/vaccinations etc. ? i'm even happy to pay for it.

    what would you do ?

    i just don't want to bring home my little fluffball and something go wrong. it would be heartbreaking !!!

    thanks in advance !!

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    i would think that is moto not covered for heartworm than he could possibly even be carrying it without knowing it and pass it on. im not an expert but with flea treatment no point doing one and not other i would assume the same with worming cos they are together the other dog could pass it to it.

    vaccinations - moto could be a carrier of kk or another infection that is covered but not be affected and your little pups immune system may not be able to fight off the bug.

    i would ring my vet and ask their advise, maybe they would reccomed giving moto a booster jab.

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    Dogs can't "pass on" heartworm tessa. Heart worm is carried by mosquitoes.

    I do not vaccinate my adult dogs. In my opinion, it is VITAL that a puppy is wormed regularly and is vaccinated however.

    Dogs will easily pick up worms from other dogs and other dog's faeces. If you intend on taking your dog for a walk at any point in its life or allow it to socialise with other dogs, you will need to consider regular worming.

    You not only are protecting your dog, but yourselves, when you de-worm your dog. You can get seriously ill and pick up worms, as can children, from playing with a dog with worms.

    If you live in a high mosquito prone area, then it is essential that you treat your dogs with heartowrm preventatives as well.
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    In my opinion most dogs need 3 vaccinations as a puppy then a booster 1 year later.

    We are over vaccinating our dogs, proven fact. But I would never skip the 1 year booster and would still vaccinate every 3-4 years just to be on the safe side.

    Your pup should be fine but yes, I would try to convince him to get Mojo his boosters for now, and then he can leave it for several years before worrying about it again.

    Worming is a definite every 3 months, no questions.

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    thanks for you help and advice guys !!! muchly appreciated ! i'm going to try and talk him into doing that for his dog and i'll contiunue to look after the puppy w/ the yearly boosters and i've used 'advocate' in the past which i thought was a good all rounder for fleas/worms and heartworm.

    thanks again.

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    My pups have 2 puppy vaccinations one at 7-8 weeks and then again at 11 -12 weeks. The new age vaccs only need 2 shots.

    Then a year later I give the 3 year vaccination (which is different from the annual vaccinations) and thereafter they recieve this vaccination once every 3 years.

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    sorry im new to this ite and cant see where to ask a question, how much are vaccinations for puppies and at what age should they be desexed? and can i buy worming tablets from the pet store or do i need the vet to do it?

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    My vet charges $60 for a C3 vaccination, that's including the consult fee.
    Price will vary between vets but that gives you a ballpark figure.

    Age of desexing is a hot topic, in my opinion, any time after 6 months of age for an average sized breed. Large and giant breeds, closer to 12 months.

    Worming tablets can be bought in many places, your vet, woolworths, the internet, pet stores.
    I buy them in bulk from vet supply stores on the internet and share them with a few other friends, much cheaper.

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    Personally, I wouldn't be worried. IMO, your partner shouldnt have to get his dog vaccinated just because you want to get a dog and are worried about the risks.

    Perhaps you could ask the breeder to get the first vaccination before you bring the puppy home.

    I never used to vaccinate and I always brought puppies home to my unvaccinated dogs.

    This 3 year vax, can anyone give me more info about that? Since we have moved to Oz, we vaccinate yearly so if we go away we can kennel the dogs (they used to stay with a friend). Is the 3 year vax good for kennels as I would rather not do an annual booster (rather not do any at all truth be told)

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    @ Lala; my understanding of the 3 year vac is that it is three years' worth in one. I believe it is acceptable to kennels.

    BUT; just like the yearly Heartworm- you are putting in 365 days worth od poison in on day 1 and it slowly decreases day by day til next vac due. So, the 3 year one is 1095 days worth of poison on day 1.

    I, personally wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole, so to speak!!!

    I'm really concerned about the poisons we put into our dogs, and am heartened that there are moves afoot to reduce the number of vaccinations required and accepted.

    I would; give 2-3 puppy shots, booster at one year or 18 months (dependent on schedule of puppy shots), then c3/c5 3-5 yearly afterward. I worm 3 monthly (a necessary evil) and only give Heartworm monthly 9 months out of every year. Because I have Dobes, I give Parvo only yearly (it is the last of the vaccines using entirely dead virus and is, IMO the lesser of the evils.

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