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Thread: Puppy Vaccinations

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    I used to get my dogs vaccinated annually, but stopped doing this after one of my dogs was diagnosed with Cancer and I subsequently lost him to this Cancer. I was actually advised by boy's Oncologist not to vaccinate him or my two older boys I had at the time as my boy's immune system was compromised by the Cancer and she believed that the other two older boys had sufficient antibodies in their systems after receiving annual vaccs for most of their lives.

    I did a lot of research on this issue and I do believe we are over-vaccinating our dogs and more and more research is proving this to be the case.

    Recently published studies have shown that vaccinations in dogs and cats may provide significant serological titres (antibodies) lasting for at least 3 years and longer in some cases. In Veterinary practices there is an increasing awareness that automatic annual revaccination may not be necessary despite the recommendations of the vaccine manufacturers.

    It has long been acknowledged that yearly vaccination of animals is probably not necessary and possibly, in some cases, harmful. There has been much debate about yearly vaccinations both within and without the profession in Australia over the past few years and it is becoming generally accepted that vaccination every 3-5 years will be a likely recommendation and registered triennial vaccinations for dogs are available at vet clinics.

    Unfortunately, many boarding kennels and dog clubs have not kept pace with the current trends and still require current yearly vaccination certificates before animals can participate in activities. I live in Sydney and I have found one very reputable boarding kennel who will accept titre testing.

    As an alternative to vaccinations you can get your pet titre tested. This is a simple blood test that demonstrates levels of protective antibodies to canine distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus and feline rhinotracheitis and enteritis (C3 and F3 respectively).

    I will be having my Lab youngster titre tested when he is due for his next annual vac in Jan 2012 as he had his puppy vaccs and his one year booster and from hereonin will undergo titre testing and will only be vaccinated if absolutely required. Titre testing is relatively new in Australia and as such there are only a few clinics, mainly in the large cities, that offer this testing. Hopefully as more and more pet owners become aware of this testing, it will become available in more veterinary clinics Australia wide.

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    C3 is the minimum I would vax for.
    I don't bother with anything above that as the biggest problems are the ones C3 takes care of.
    I don't bother with KC any more as I know too many dogs who have had the vax and still contracted it. KC constantly changes and mutates just like the human flu.

    Someone worked out that having yearly vaccinations was actually cheaper than getting titres done so it's just personal preference I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crested_Love View Post
    Someone worked out that having yearly vaccinations was actually cheaper than getting titres done so it's just personal preference I think.
    Yes, titers can be much dearer. And it will depend on a) whether you use a kennel regularly and b) if you can find a good kennel who accepts titres.

    As I've said previously, my personal preference is to limit the poisons I put in to their bodies to the barest minimum, thus would prefer the titre option regardless of cost.

    But CL is right- it all comes down to personal choice.

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    nugget had 3 i know i got her card in my draw with her pink book
    a pink book inndividnal dog record book it got nugget detals, markings,vaccinations,fles and worming ,vet visits,medical records,training ,allof that stuff so i dont have race home and get the vet bill it alll in one book the pink book

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    You should mention first about the vaccination routine.Actually some times vaccination are giving after disease or before disease due to securing the pet and some time it is given after a year.What sort of information do you want to get ?

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    A year or so ago while I was driving home from somewhere I was listening to the radio and there was an interview going and I suddenly pricked up my ears and began to really listen to what this lady vet was talking about.
    She said that the vets all over the world are over vacinating pets as they know that the owners will do colse to anything to make sure little Fifi is in a tip top condition.
    She went on to say that just like kids they might need a booster for this or that but as for what we do it for most of it is the vets making money for doing exactlly nothing.
    Now on the other side of the coin our last dog (which is in the memory section) had to have her booster shots as I was taking her to Obedience Training and each year you had to show them that you dog was covered.
    But as soon as we stopped doing Obedience I stopped the injection and she never had an ill day until close to the end of her lovely life.

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