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Thread: How Far is to Far to Walk a Puppy (5-6 Months Old)

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    Question How Far is to Far to Walk a Puppy (5-6 Months Old)

    HI all, I am a first time dog owner who has just inherited an approx 5-6 month old Labrador x Kelpie (though she looks all Lab except with a Kelpie face). She is very friendly and very energetic. To help with some of the high energy and bordom issues I have been taking her walking with me twice a day and we are averaging about 5km per day. A concerned friend raised the question is it to early for her to be walking that far every day?
    Looking for advice on this question.
    And would love to hear any tips from other with this cross breed.
    Cheers for now!

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    I wouldn't be walking a larger breed pup 5km every day.

    She is still growing and while she's growing you want to put as little stress as possible on the joints. This is also why it is recommended to keep larger breeds on the lean side while they are growing instead of having 'puppy fat'.

    Daily walks are great, she still needs exercise and socialization but I'd limit it to 1km or so, not 5.

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    rule of thumb I got told after it was a bit too late... 5 minutes per month of age, so 6 month old puppy would get 30 minutes of exercise in one go. And I can stroll about 5 km in one hour, so 30 minutes for me would limit at about 2.5 to 3km.

    So yes - you are going a bit far in one hit.

    However you could split your session into 30 minutes in the morning and another 30 in the afternoon, with a bunch of 2 minute brain train sessions during the day...

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    I have a similar breed to you and my dog is around the same age too.
    My dog gets around 3 or 4 kms per walk depending on the weather mostly we do a bit less on the hot days.
    I like to finish when he is still motived so he associates a walk with fun and not being a chore.
    I break the walk up with a bit of play/training in a park and throw a ball for him a few times.

    I've found in the past that dogs don't really appreciate being pushed too much especially pups and they just don't get human fitness regimens, they like to go out for a hunt or an adventure.

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    We have a 6 month old ACD pup. We tend walk him for about 45min per day. But saying this, its a relaxed walk... no rushing. And we may stop and play fetch in off leash dog areas, or go to the creek as our pup loves water.
    Sit, drop & roll!!! So proud of my little man

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