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Thread: My Puppy Goes Toilet Inside when Im Not Home

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    Default My Puppy Goes Toilet Inside when Im Not Home

    My six month old bulldog puppy is toilet trained and when we are home will use his doggy door unaided to go outside to the toilet upon his own accord. However when i am not home he won't go to the toilet outside, he will go out and play with my other dog, but comes back inside to go to the toilet.

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    What are you using to clean up? If you use bleach the dog will see that as a spot to repeat use.

    How much praise and reward do you give him for going in the right place eg outside?

    Have you thought about crate training him and leaving him in a crate when you're out?

    And keep as many doors in the house to places that are not for dogs - shut ie all the bedroom doors. I once did some house/pet sitting for some cousins when they went on holidays. Pets were upset about this and if I left my bedroom door open they went in my bedroom. But if I kept it shut, they went where they were supposed to.

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    Are you sure your puppy is happy and confident going outside when you're not around? Could there be something outside that is scary?

    Are you sure your puppy isn't anxious that you've left, and urinating inside due to anxiety?

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