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Thread: Help... Very Aggressive Pup :(

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    Default Help... Very Aggressive Pup :(

    hi again... seems like i have so many problems lately *sigh*... anyway il continue...
    my pup is really agressive with my toddler, more than just puppy play. he is a full on puppy, full of attitude and always biting and nipping which is normal i know. but over the past few days he has been extremely agressivly attacking my 2 year old son for no reason, launching at him and attacking him with no reason behind it. my son will be playing with his toys quietly then BAM pup has lauched himself at my sons face.. he is drawing blood even through his clothes.. im actually a little frightened of him now. ive had staffys in the past and never has one of my pups been anywhere close to this agressive??
    im not sure what to do. pup is in puppy school and i am very firm with him and his training etc.

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    I'd keep the pup away from the child and if they must come together the pup should be on a lead. It only takes a second for a pup to scratch the crap out of a two year old (I have a two year old myself and I've just been through the same thing)
    Pups establish a pecking order so to speak where the bigger rougher pups claim the higher positions, it seems to me your pup is trying to claim its place above the child.
    The dog needs to be controlled by you until it's learnt its place on the pecking order.
    The pup will learn its place with some guidance from you, but you really have to think of the welfare of the child until that happens.
    It's important to keep the dog and the child in contact, just be there to keep the pup from hurting the child.
    I train my pup by proxy sometimes. I stand behind my kids and the child has a treat for the dog, then I have the child say sit and if the dog complies the child rewards the dog.
    Obviously a 2 year old will have trouble with some commands & co-ordination so you can give the command while standing behind the child.
    Food control is one way to establish rank and if the dog gets accustomed to the child metering the food out it can help the dog see the child as an authority figure.
    I won't stand for any dog behaving like that around my kids, my pup was trying that sort of thing too but I've been shaping his behaviour and he is a lot better after a bit of behaviour shaping, done mostly with food.

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    thanks so much for the reply... my mum thinks i should get rid of him she saw the latest attack today and made me feel like utter s*it for bringing a pup into my home... i do admit i am kinda thinking, what have i done i shouldnt have got him, my son doesnt deserve this, but i realise its just training and persistance.
    my son only turned 2 last week and he is a tiny little thing (only 9 kgs) and doesnt yet understand as much as most kids his age do (he was a prem so is a little behind)
    i just hope this pup isnt a danger to my son in the long run

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    I think you need to get a crate to start so you can control the interaction between the pup & bub. I would also choose a time out area(not the crate) like the laundry say.
    First start your crate training by making it a fun place to be & work up the amount of time pup is happy in the crate. I would also be getting some kiddy gates to control his access to parts of the house when he is out.
    I would be very firm & disaproving whenever he is rough around the 2yr old & then remove him to the laundry for a few minutes. He will soon learn it's better to be calm & around the family than nutty & lock in the laundry. You have to be consistant & timing is everything.
    I would also try to shape his behavour by food rewarding any postitive behavours around the baby.
    Let the puppy preschool know your concerns also.
    I would be ringing his breeder with your concerns over this pup in general also.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    I personally would never be able to trust this dog around my kid/s again ESPECIALLY that the pup is launching at his face with no warning at all. I know you should be able to sort it out quickly with a few corrections and change in routine though I would never ever leave them unsupervised again. Tiny teeth may "just" draw blood now though in 12 months time they will crush bones and rip skin off. I would get another pup though I would consider the most submissive in the litter and if you ever see that pup even look like even play attacking your child I would immediately correct it using methods stated above in other posts or other methods you are comfortable with.

    Good luck!

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    thanks guys, this isnt unsupervised...this happens when im right there with them, i have to rip the pup off him
    there are 3 baby gates in the house already to keep them seperated... i just dont know if i can trust this dog now... im scared he has this really nasty strike and may hurt my son when he is an adult dog. ive had staffys all my life and never have i seen any of my pups with this behaviour

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    Then return him to his breeder but do NOT take another pup from that litter as likely hood of them having issues is high also.
    But I myself have difficulty understanding why people return pups at this age as I very much doubt pups this age are showing real aggression. Just lack of boundries & disapline & a puppy being a puppy they investigate evrything with their mouths.
    This is generally the behavour of a bully pup who knows no different & did not get enough interaction when part of the litter so all he has to go on is what worked with his litter mates.

    Is he food motivated?
    Dose he have a strong drive to please you?

    If you answered yes to the above questions then in my opinion he is very fixable & trainable.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    id honestly answer no to both those questions

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    Oh dear not good & alot harder to deal with not always imposssible but a damn site harder.
    Have you talked to the breeder about your concerns as there is a few now?
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    i contacted her last night about the aggression but i havent said anything baout the testicle yet as im not 100% on that issue yet.
    she said she will see if there is anyone she knows who wants him, otherwise its all up to me what i do with him

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