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    Default What Next?

    so far we have taught Boss and he does pretty well (not 100% but getting there)

    Roll over
    Sit (again)
    working on stand now
    working on shake now
    down if he jumps
    Enough if he barks
    Gentle when taking food
    Walks great on a lead
    eats on command
    toilets on command
    "on your bed"

    What do i teach him next?

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    My dogs get taught what is applicable to my family and environmental situation here. Everyone's is different.
    Picture him growing in your mind, situations he could be in with the kids or fitting into your way of living and go from there.
    Give him time to just be a puppy too. He is still very young.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    You have all the basics there and have fun at making them really good My main factor has always been polite social dogs. i don't mean the super friendly dog that pushes his/her way in.I actually don't believe that all dogs should be able to play together. But a polite dog that is just a pleasure to have in company. So that two owners can chat and shake hands and just have a quiet conversation
    My dogs are very social and will allow dogs in their space, but i do not expect my dog to have to play with everyone. Tessa hates dogs that move quickly into her space, even though she will allow it when on lead, with us. So she taught me that I needed to make all my dogs more polite. Both with people and other dogs. older bitches ( Tessa) often snap at young hooligan dogs (like my newfy pup) when they are too rough and impolite.
    When i take my dogs to other dogs on lead, I usually come from the side, not head on and i make my dog stay at a little distance first to see how the other dog reacts. I have huge dogs, so if they are shy and timid ( the dog we are meeting) we drop, if the other dog is loud and in your face we keep a distance until it settles and then we allow the nose and bottom sniffs. Always watching for any signs of fear or aggression and move accordingly.
    I work very hard at our kennel Club to teach people polite introduction and the giving of space to those who need it. And I also take the time with my quiet dogs to help new people with the fearful, anxious aggressive dogs. It is amazing how some of those turn around in four weeks of beginners course.
    I have learned a lot from all my dogs and how they interact amongst themselves and with outsiders and i follow some of their ways now.......
    Pets are forever

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    Great post newfie.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    speak - I had to teach this to get quiet/enough/shaadup
    find it (find the scented object, which may be food or a toy that you've squeezed a bit, old keys, the tv remote - sit to indicate - don't pick it up)
    fetch slippers
    give, geddit, tug.
    sit,drop,stand (in random order)
    finish (ie from in front, dog returns to heel position either walking around your back or by moving butt aka heel flip)
    hi five (variation on shake)
    leave it / its yer choice, ie learning not to steal food game
    c'mon (emergency recall - come here no matter what)
    back up (ie walk backwards)
    targetting / touch
    licky fingers/face/toes (is fun to play when people lie down in at the beach or park)
    send away (ie run to over there and sit)
    stop (good for herding)
    go home
    shoo (for when people don't like being greeted by your dog but you have to generalise it so anyone can say it and she will leave them).

    Note my dog knows some of these but not all.

    And if you really want more ideas, you could try "doggy dancing" aka canine freestyle
    which has all sorts of extra stuff, high stepping, spins, weaving between your legs as you walk etc.

    It's also tempting to teach her a few scary tricks like lip lifting and growling...

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    LOL...Tessa "smiles" and I have to tell people she is being nice. And she can say "I love you" and "hello". All taught with mimicry and capture, quite funny really
    Pets are forever

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    I'd work on refining the things he already knows I like my girl to do a few things perfectly rather than a million things sloppily

    For example with stays... build it up so that he can stay in any position (sit, down, stand). Build time so he can stay for 5 or 10 minutes. Introduce distractions so he will stay when toys are thrown around him or kids are running around.

    Proof his recall... does he come fast, every time? Will he come from 100m away? Will he come if he's playing with friends?

    I do a few fun tricks as they are rewarding and help build body awareness. Shake, beg, roll over, play dead, walk backwards, spin in both directions, weave through my legs, are you shy, cross paws etc.

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    now there are some fantastic ideas!!! hankyou all soo much im going to have some fun with these!!!

    i really like the lip lift / growl thing. always a good one if i walk him at night on my own

    but i think think i will be going with the stay for 5 or 10 minutes no mater whats going on around... its a big one with the kids to be able to rely on him to stay when needed. Im also going to do the its ye choice thing i was reading up on that last night i like!

    thanks again!! x

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    Some of the things I have taught my dogs are

    down (lie down)
    on ya bed
    wheres mum
    wheres dad
    wheres the other dog
    whers the cat (taught when we had cats lol)
    leave it
    drop it
    get ya toy
    high five
    roll over
    what do you say (this was shake paw but used when the dog wanted a treat)
    back (to turn left when walking)
    loves/big loves (one of my faves, it means come give me a cuddle immediately and big loves means jump up for cuddle)
    enough (when their playing is getting too noisy)
    bring it here (whatever they have)
    wanna bath (the answer is usually running away)
    Go to mums bed
    speak/shut up/f*** up (LOL)

    I am sure there are others too,

    Not all dogs I have had have necessarly used or know all of these commands. For example some ar eonly applicable to Barney and some to Pippi and som eonly applied to Lennox and/or Chevy when we had them .

    Obviously some of these "tricks" had effort put in to teach them, however, a lot of them are just learnt in the normal day to day activity and by being repeated (as in, we dont specifically teach it, they just learn it anyway)

    I am no a hard core trainer. My dogs are trained appropriately for our lifestyle and situation specifically but I dont spend loads of time making them super dogs or anything LOL

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