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Thread: Aurora - Our 9 Week Old Beagle

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    Welcome to the forum

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    awwwww - so cute!

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    Awwww, she's lovely!

    I too own a pet store dog - a six year old toy poodle. She also was the last one left - on Xmas Eve!!! My hubby was furious at the time, even back then the price was equal or more than from a reputable breeder. I had no idea back then that there was such a thing as puppy mills. Now I lurk around outside pet shop windows muttering about the evils of puppy mills but not quite brave enough to hand out leaflets.

    It sounds like you are only going to be more aware of the issue of puppy mills now, so good for you. I also share the frustration of the lack of info. out there for the average shopper who stops to coo at the glass boxes......

    Keep the cute pics coming...


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    oh, I might add that I now have six dogs, four cats, two horses and no husband.....

    Thank God the kids have stuck

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    My 12 year old Roly is from a pet shop, but my parents were under educated when they bought him.
    But I(and neither would they), still buy from one now, despite being more knowledgable.
    I don't think 'rescuing' them is a legitimate excuse to buy one, even though you know all about puppy mills.
    Education not Legislation

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    ohhhh how cute

    I have a beagle too, well a 3/4beagle 1/4 cocker.......has the best and worst traits of both breeds! She is THE BEST dog to have around my kids, instictivley gentle and always has been with them. But she is INSANE! Never destroyed a thing in her life, but was impossible to completely toilet train ( have just replaced cxarpet with floor boards because of her) impossible to lead train......3 yrs it took to teach her to come back when called and still she only comes when she feels there is nothing else more interesting. my entire neighbour hood knows me as the lady with the spoazo black dog who walks the block sounding like she is being murdered.........

    but I love her, and if your puppy is anything like are going to have an absolute gem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lala View Post
    pup is gorgeous. Have fun with her.

    However, why say you are dead against pet stores when clearly you arent? If you are dead against pet stores, you dont purchase a pet from them regardless.

    I would have just left all that extra fluff off your story. You don't have to justify why you bought a puppy from a pet store even though you are dead against them.

    Just say, we got her from a pet store...own it.
    I agree with you on this one.

    My stepbrother did the same thing. But he wasn't really aware of puppy mills. He walked into a pet store, saw a lonesome little Boxer with yoghurt and biscuits in his cage, felt sorry for him and bought him for the insane price.

    But I do hope that your little girl will be perfect
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    She is sooooo cute, i love her....(very jealous!)

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    Just have a new pup myself, do you keep her inside in the day and night? Whats your arrangement there...

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