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Thread: My New Pup!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katty33 View Post
    I didn't really want to crate train her because I felt bad if she had to hold it all night lol! Yes Ian Dunbar is awesome!
    Mine do not spend all night in the crate with no breaks.......I look like death warmed up when i have a pup , because my aim is for the puppy to have no mishaps in the crate, so i also let my puppies out during the night. At least twice when they are very small and more if they whimper to go out. And they are right with us, so i can hear them. Our last pup was very quickly trained and out and about free.........But it helps with knowing where they are and they learn to settle, instead of getting up to mischief. They learn by repetition that night time is settle down and sleep time
    Pets are forever

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    Until my dog was about 3 months old, I would have her sleep in a lined cardboard box next to my bed, with a lead on that went under me and attached to my bed on the far side to the dog. So if she got up, she got me up too, and I would set alarm - if bedtime was 10:30pm - alarm for 2am and 4am and 6am and take her out for "5hitnapiss" in the middle of the night - good thing it was summer. By the time she was 3 months old she could hold on all night. She's better than me most nights. But she doesn't drink coffee.

    When I had to go out during the day (eg to buy food), I'd put her in the crate while I was out so she couldn't get cooked or into trouble in the back yard (it was summer and FKN HOT - 10 days > 35'C straight, twice in the first summer I had her), and she couldn't eat the furniture or anything else she shouldn't. After a few times of shredding all the bedding I put in the crate, she would just sleep.

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    She is absolutely Adorable!!!
    looks quite Kelpie-ish

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