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Thread: My Puppy Keeps Biting Us!

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    ive just brought my first puppy too. it takes patience and time and also persitance. practise every day with them and they will learn.
    i dont believe in hitting my puppy either just being stern and showing him im not happy by locking him in a room alone or leaving him alone and walking away and not looking at him.

    before you brought him you should of did a bit of research into if he will be good with kids but i feel if the puppy grows up around kids then he will get used to them and will be good around them.

    im curently teaching my puppy not to jump up when we get home or anytime at all unless we ask him to as i have neices and nephews and my puppy will be a big dog and i dont want him knocking them over.

    puppies always chew everything they can and bite to investigate new things. always put things out of reach that you dont want the puppy chewing or you can use bitter biter spray that you can spray on anything you dont want to be chewed by him. if he tries to chew it it will taste yuck and he wont want to chew it anymore.

    good luck with your new puppy and if you are having trouble just pm me if you like and i can help. where are you located???

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    my puppy is 13wk old rottix and she does the exctat samething but she will also bark and growl it drives me crazy im going try the spray bottle see if that helps have u tryed that does work ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mason.e View Post
    I have a 7 week year old Bull Terrier Staghound X Bulll Terrier Grayhound, and it loves to play, but it is biting everything like plants and tress in the garden and it bites us now as well on the leg when it plays. Also if we run it runs after us and just likes to bite our legs etc.

    I keep saying no, but he doesnt stop. How can i stop this?

    Also, what is some general information you can give me into teaching this dog and just things on how to take care of him.

    NOTE: First time i actually got a dog myself!
    I have a bull terrier pup, got him at 7 weeks he is now 11. He does the same things as you are saying. He chews all the weeds out of the garden, bites your pants and ancles as your walking. You need to show him that you mean it when you say no, in your voice, a really deep NO. I have found this to work with my pup, he respects me now when i say it he knows i mean it. But pups will be pups, sometimes you have to put up with certain things. I understand the biting is annoying as they have very sharp puppy teeth, a firm no and replacing his biting with one of his own toys should do the trick. Best of luck

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