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Thread: Puppy Night Crying!!!

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    yes your puppy is good for night security its not a lazy dog so donut think to change it s habits.its good quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    I tried one night of puppy in laundry in crate - and she screamed the whole time. So I put her in a cut down cardboard moving box, lined with towels, next to my bed on the floor - my bed is almost on the floor anyway. And I attached a lead to her collar and put it under me and attached it to the other side of my bed so she couldn't go anywhere without waking me up, and then I set alarm for 2am and 4am to take her outside for pee. Did this for about two weeks, all good no crying, no accidents and then she started sleeping through eg I was able to set alarm for later and later.

    Mostly the experienced puppy raisers I know, start with puppy in a crate next to their bed, sometimes raised up so they're practically breathing on each other, and then as the dog matures and gets less anxious about being separated from it's mother, the crate can be migrated out the door into the next room and then to where ever they want the dog to be at night. Eg each night the crate is moved 10cm in the direction they want the puppy to be...
    Thats great post thanks.
    I really am guility of just letting my dogs sleep withb us as puppies & as I am up & down all night I just take the puppy out when I go out.
    I use my crates more for nipping down town(instead of putting everyone in pens etc,) or for traveling & they are good savers for toliet training & sick animals.
    Some of mine choose to sleep in thier crates with the doors open of a night.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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