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    I like to scour the web in search of freebies for my (not so young) puppy, Suzie and thought that the following links would be helpful to new puppy owners who are deciding things like what foods to try, etc.

    (I hope this doesn't break any forum rules, i'm not meaning to advertise for the following companies, only pointing people in the direction of freebies for their pooch)

    I have received freebies from the following places (in no particular order):
    Pedigree Puppy Club - Pedigree Puppy Club Pack includes a box to keep puppy records in, a small keyring photo frame, a small sample bag of puppy kibble and a voucher to get $5 cashback off Pedigree Puppy dry food.

    Purina Puppy & Kitten Club - Purina Puppy Club Pack includes (what I received anyway - looks like it might vary). A smaller sized Purina travel bowl, a small sample of Puppy Supercoat dry food, a cute book on puppy care (with some very cute photos and quotes) and other info leaflets.

    Pfizer Paw Club - Choice of a Paw Club leash (quite good quality actually) or donating $2 to Assistance Dogs Australia (actually not sure if this is still available, can't see it on the site anymore).

    Also, if you email pet food companies for samples they'll usually send them out for free.

    Feel free to share any other freebies that you've found for dogs or puppies.

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    i got one from eukanuba recently came with voucher for 3kg food, a really nice hard cover book that you add dates and photos ect that has lots of info for owning your pup (vac record, worming record)

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    Also: From the Urban Animal Magazine (NSW and Vic - not sure if they'll send these offers elsewhere)

    Free Fruitables Sample - Enter code: UAFR1211

    Free Full Size pack of Starvin Marvins, Liver Krisps or Lickables - Enter code: UASMLKL1211

    Both of these offers are for a short time only while stocks last. Got my 450g pack of Starvin Marvins today

    And the link for Eukanuba that tessalyon mentioned: Free Eukanuba Puppy Book & Free Eukanuba Puppy 3kg voucher.
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    thanks for sharing useful frebies.

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    Got home this afternoon and the people from across the street bought over the puppy book that was a freebee.
    I will have a better look at it tomorrow, but so far looks okay.
    So thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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