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    Red face Puppy Advice

    Hey guys
    i have a 10 week old Cairn terrier - Cheeky

    he is going thru a stage of bitingand nipping me during play
    i have searched about and have tried :
    1. BAH growling
    2. NO then ignoring him
    3. Yelping like a puppy
    4. when he is not nipping - praising him

    i am now taking him and putting him in timeout everytime he nips.
    timeout is in the bathroom.

    anyways ... yesterday and today he has been using 'timeout' to go to the toilet.
    This is getting very frustrating.

    I spent 20 mins outside with him this morning, he finally did #1, i praised him etc.
    We went inside, played, he nipped, i said NO and put him straight in bathroom.
    After a few mins i went in and he had done #1 ....

    we played, he nipped, i put him in bath ..... after a few mins i went in, he had done #2s.

    this has been repeated 4 times today.

    nip-timeout-he does toilet

    is he doing his business as a sign of defiance, or is he just a puppy doing it cos he needs to.

    I def want to get on top of this.
    thanks !

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    Is he nipping or mouthing you?
    ... Jade ...

    Aha yeah me too! wee wee or pee pee and poo poo's or poopie

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    Default cheeky

    he is nipping and biting

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    also he seems to nip and bite me a lot more than my wife
    i spend more time with him, feed him, take him out, play in morning etc

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    With the toliting at 10 wks he dosn't have the level of control to do it on purpose.
    At 10wks our pups are put out to toliet everytime they wake up from a nap straight away, after everytime they drink or eat & about every 2hrs inbetween. Of a night I put them out for last wees at 10/11pm & I get back up at 5am to let them out but I also leave some newspaper out as at 10wks not all can get from 11pm to 5am without an accidents. Good news is it getters better & better & by 12 wks they have no trouble getting through the night at least.
    With the nipping I would give a very low deep grrr sound but must be done with confidence & remove myself by simply walking away. If you do it every single time he nips he learns the game ends & he loses your attention. You have to remember whatever you do has to be within a spilt second of the nip as pups loses the conection within 3 seconds. A spray bottle on harsh jet spray straight at his face when he nips & removing yourself may also work.
    Another way is to put a toy in his mouth each time he nips to redirect the action.
    Make sure other family members are not playing rough & allowing the pup to mouth or nip as at this age a pup can not tell the difference.
    And that the pup is getting enough mental stimulatsion. At that age they love plastic bottles with stones in it & rags tied together for cheap play toys. And you can start to teach little things like sit.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    tx for the tips
    will try that tonight

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    eeek !

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