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Thread: When is Best to Desex Lucy?

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    Default When is Best to Desex Lucy?

    Well gorgeous Lucy has had her first grooming, her vaccinations (she didnt like the kennel cough needle), her worming and fleas and lice and ear mites all what else ?!! Oh she has been microchipped too

    I am told that the right age to desex her is around 6 months old. Is that the right advice ? I read some puppies being desexed very early, prior to being sold at a couple of months old? Is there any benefit to allowing Lucy to have a season before the operation ?

    We have signed up for puppy preschool too The owners had our first class last week, and tomorrow its time for the pups to meet

    Thanks for any advice..Julie
    Oh, and I forgot to add that Lucy is a toy poodle
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    If Lucy is the little Poodle in your photo, then 6 months is a good age to get her desexed
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    If you like your vet - go with what they recommend, just be aware that a small dog can come into season around 6 months old.

    And you can't get them desexed while they're in season, and they can get pregnant while they are in season.

    So having said that - my dog was desexed at 8 weeks. There are good arguments for and against desexing early - there is not yet enough published scientific study either way.

    Getting a bitch pregnant will be far riskier for her long term health than either an early desex or a post puberty desex.

    So I'm happy my dog never had a season, and so far nothing bad has happened because of early desexing. But I recommend going with what your vet says.

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    I prefer to wait till just on 6 mths & most poodles have their first heats between 8 & 9 mths for the little 1's, although ofcourse they can go as young as 6mths but rarely.

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    5-6 months is ideal for a small breed dog. Some people do desex at 8 weeks (especially in rescue situations) but there is some evidence that the lack of hormones can affect bone growth and development.

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    to get the healthy puppys 6 months is better for female.

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    Yes from 6 months onwards is the best choice.

    I cant see any benefit for letting her have a heat, none of mine have ever had a heat except for one.

    I waited for one because she had a congenital incompetent urinary sphincter. We hoped having a heat might help but just 4 weeks after her first heat at 9 months old she got pyometra - a puss filled uterus and could have died if we hadnt caught it in time. So she had an emergency spay.
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    Our Kelpie Skip got done at 5 months cos I told the vet that I wanted her done then.
    The reason for this is that Skip goes to work with OH and we didn't want an oops litter..

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    5 to 6 months is what most vets recommend for desexing. Females can also be desexed while on heat, but the vet will charge you more

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    You do not need to get your bitch desexed.
    Please don't breed her, but you do not have to get her desexed.

    There is a mantra that being responsible IS desexing. Personally, being responsible is not breeding irresponsibly. There is a big difference.

    Regardless, if you do want to get your bitch desexed, go for 6 months or later. Just be prepared for her to come into heat and, if she does, to ensure she does not have access to a male dog in that time.

    For a report on early aged desexing, follow this link:

    This report says:
    *evidence suggests that “the incidence of hip dysplasia is higher (6.7% veruse 4.7%) in dogs dessexed prior to 5.5 months of age” (pg3) and that
    *there is “a higher incidence of urinary incontinence (12.9% versus 5%) and cystitis in female dogs desexed prior to 5.5 months fo age.” (pg3)

    Considering this, I recommend 6 months or later for a spay.

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