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Yep, Lucy has a tattoo in her left ear - although when it was done last week it was huge, looked like a cattle brand or something! Its very small now, so was just alot of ink around it I think.

I didnt get Lucy desexed because I wasnt a responsible pet owner who couldnt look after a dog during a season to prevent an unwanted litter - it was for several reasons, not least the point I made earlier that JUST IN CASE Lucy should go missing I would at least know she wouldnt end up in a Puppy Farm. Its a huge issue...

Anyway, I sit on the fence regarding desexing, but I had to make a decision for Lucy cos I was getting too many splinters in my bum !!
Love your last statement.

I agree that you could be saving Lucy from being bred from. You've done a good thing.

Whilst I am not a 'desex at all cost' person, I acknowledge that it is a personal decision that should be made after all risks, conditions and scenarios are evaluated.

Personally, I have always desexed all my animals between 6 - 12 months and earlier if they are a feline. It works for me.

I am 100% against legislation though that forces people to desex. Yes, there are bybers and puppyfarmers and people who let their dogs have puppies and then dump them, but these people make up probably only about 0.05% of the dog owning population, so why tar everyone with the same brush?

Most dog owners are responsible and loving.