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Thread: Too Much Exercise?

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    Question Too Much Exercise?

    I have read somewhere that you have to be careful how often that you walk your puppy as it can be bad for its joints. Does anyone have info on how much I should be walking my 4mth old boxer. Twice a week for 40 mins atm plus ball play at a park and backyard play.

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    That doesn't sound like too much, but if in doubt you ay be able to contact either his breeder or the Boxer Club in your state for specific experience with Boxer pups.
    As a large breed you have to watch for excessive fatigue or muscle damage which can cause weakness and lead to growth problems.

    You know him best, if he's flat out exhausted afterwards it's too much.

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    Talk to your breeder and other boxer owners. I person think 40 mins in one session sounds a lot. If I had a 4mo pup I would probably walk it 15 mins two or three times a day as well as play time.

    When I fostered Rahnee she was only 4-5 months old - heeler X JRT - I mostly just exercised her at home in the yard (quarantine) as well as short walks - up and down the street. We found that plenty. But she wasnt here that long.

    Shorter daily walks would probably be better. Just IMO

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    Thanks for the advice. I think I'll cut the walk time down a little. He doesn't seem to mind it but I don't want to risk it. I find that he gets lots of exercise with me playing in the backyard and will lie down and have a rest afterwards. He loves to chase the ball and brings it back to me half the time now. So I guess hes getting enough exercise.

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    I found this:

    Exercise Guidelines for Puppies

    6 Weeks to 4 Months

    Short walks on soft terrain
    Playing with soft toys in a contained area, such as a fenced yard
    Swimming in warmer water for short periods

    4 to 8 Months

    Longer walks on soft terrain
    Playing with soft toys
    Swimming and playing with toys in the water

    8 to 12 Months

    Faster and/or longer walks on soft terrain
    Playing with soft toys
    Swimming and playing with toys in the water for longer periods

    12 Months and Up

    Walks on terrain that has been checked for hazards such as unseen glass, holes, ditches, wires, stakes, and metal fragments
    Jogging with you (begin with short distances on softer terrain until endurance is built up)
    Playing with appropriate toys
    Swimming and playing with toys in the water

    Remember, generally, you know any exercise is enough for your dog when he or she is laid out at the end of the day. A tired dog is a happy dog.

    Puppies and Exercise - Not So Much | Exercise My Dog

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