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Thread: New Puppy Crying - Help!

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    It'll take time - puppies are all about the patience and perseverance.

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    You have to yelp and ignore or leave the room. Take the fun out of the game. Give him something else to bite.

    What do you do when he rounds you up?

    As for the outside whinging - do you give him something else to do when you go inside without him? Like a treat ball or a big bone to chew? Do you go back out while he is still whining and try to calm him down? (stop that, ie do not reward him for whining by talking to him or even yelling at him). Does he have a kennel or safe place to be when he's out without you? Sometimes - a water pistol helps. So does "crate training" (google it).

    And there is the basic sep anxiety training. Instead of going outside and playing with him - have a session of leave / return. Ie go outside, come back in, go out again before he starts whining, play, go in, come out, go in, come out go in...

    I did this a bit on purpose and partly because I can never remember everything I need to take with me when i go out the house, I go out, and then come back for the phone I forgot, and then the shopping list, and then my hat, and then a jumper, and then an umbrella ie going out doesn't mean I'm going. I also go out to check the letter box, water the front garden etc. Ie practice leaving him and returning to him - lots, vary the time he's on his own.

    Have you read the link I gave you. It does answer your questions.

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    When Jessie my border collie was 6 to 7 weeks old she done the same thing in the laundry crying all night so we just got some old clothes of ours put them beside our bed at night for her to sleep on and she slept like a baby all night. just felt lonely and needed the security of her new family , try that it worked for us now shes 5 months old and none the worse for ware.

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