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Thread: Toilet Trained Puppy Peed in the House Twice This Morning!!

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    Exclamation Toilet Trained Puppy Peed in the House Twice This Morning!!


    Our puppy is just shy of 11months now and completely house trained (or so we thought!) he hasn't peed in the house for months now, and our usual routine is that he will circle in front of the door when he needs to be let out. if we're not there he will come and find us and lead us to the door.

    This morning we found a puddle near the door; so we thought 'oh, maybe he just couldn't hold it and couldn't get to us in time'. Then about 20min later while we were both in the room with him, he just stood at the door and peed again!

    he was neutered at 4months so i don't think it's a territory marking thing. should we be worried or is it normal for puppies to regress at this age?

    TIA for any helpful responses!

    Also, just in case anyone is wondering; he other behaviour has been fine this morning. He slept well, ate all his breakfast and has been his usual playful self.
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    Could it be a Urinary tract Infection (UTI)?...they cannot hold and sometimes go more frequently. Might need to be checked.
    I would think going in front of the door means he is still thinking about wanting to make it outside. maybe do a few extra trips ( I would give hourly a go initially)outside with lots of reward for doing it might help.
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    What newfsie said - since it does seem unusual behaviour for him, it's time for a check up with the vet.

    You may want to be much more dilligent about his access to water and taking him outside like you do for a puppy ie first thing in the morning, after waking up or play etc. You don't want him to get the idea that it's ok even if he's not feeling well.

    And clean up with white vinegar and paper towel. Do not use bleach - but you knew that already right?

    Also has anything at all changed in the puppy's environment that might make him less likely to follow the old routine, eg did you put a christmas tree next to the door? Get a kitten? Had loads of visitors? Upset routine - ie not going to work every morning?

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    2 great possibilities already mentioned are an infection(hormone levels can be worth checking to) & any change in dogs day to day routine.
    But I have had 2 regress for seamingly no reason & I just had to be a little more vigilant to when he/she needed out & offer more access to pee spots we both agreed on,lol.
    Both where back to normal within a fortnight.

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    thanks guys. we will definitely keep a close eye on him and take him to the vet if this behaviour continues.

    i think the comments a few ppl made about change to routine are pretty spot on - had a crazy christmas day (we hosted lunch!!) and obviously we're home more with the public holidays.

    hopefully this is all it is and not something more serious!

    oh - and thanks for the advice about the white vinegar. always keep one under the sink since we brought puppy home

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