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Thread: Excitement Peeing - when Does It Stop?!

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    My dog is four years old, and she still pees. I've accepted that she will pee whenever she is excited, so I take her out when the mowing lady arrives, when her favourite people arrive. It's not something you can train out of a dog, it's something you have to accept. She pees when she goes to the dog grooming salon, she pees when she goes to the vet. She just gets excited. I usually go out with a couple of nappies in my bag to clean up what she leaves.
    have you tried flooding her with the things that make her pee so they're not so exciting?

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    Default Peeing

    I don't really think I can. She goes to the vet when she needs to - she's a happy, healthy dog, usually only needs to go once a year for her for vaccinations. The mowing lady comes once a fortnight, and she loves her. She hears her truck in the driveway, and goes into pee mode. Once she has greeted her, she's fine. No pees - just happiness. Follows her around - not barking at the mower. I take her for walks every day - she meets and greets other dogs and people, but not the same way! They are ordinary, the mowing lady is somehow special.

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    With the vet I would take her as often as possible just to weigh her & say hi, no cost at mosts vets. The mower lady maybe a little harder but just try heaps of different new people to come to her yard. Also ignore any wee that dose happen, come back without dog to wipe up. Just ideas ofcourse but I have seen them work.

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    I have a 13mth old staffy bitch that pees when she gets really excited, but mainly when she is let out of her yard and Im around. She wiggles and turns and wags her tail so much that I think she is going to get herself tied up into a knot

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    Excitment peeing is normal for all dogs some puppies to adults, just try to make your greetings of people outside the door instead of inside.
    hard at times to do but not impossible .

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