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We asked the vet about his drinking and she said its quite normal for a puppy to drink a bit more then an adult dog. Also as puppies are quite active this will contribute to it also.
But he has no settled down a bit and its drinking as much. We have also stopped feeding him as much dry food as this can make him quite thirsty.

When we got his final vaccination she also did a vet check and we got worming tablets from the vet, they were a bit more expensive but they cover allot more (general worms, heart worm and fleas). We have to give him this on a monthly basis.
Yes this is what I meant about not all wormers being equeal.
You know I have been using the Advocate spot ons that cover fleas(larvae/adult), prevents heartworm, all the worms(larvae/adult), mange (demodectic/saroptic), ear mites & lice every 4wks & although a little exspensive it's worked really well & is so easy to cover so much with 1 spot on.