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    I've had quite a few dogs and have obedience trained to quite a high level with one of them, and I still took my recent pup to puppy preschool at the local vet.

    I really enjoy it and you can practise training sit/stay/drop in a high distraction environment.
    Quite a few people had their kids there too and the instructor got the kids involved in the training.

    I also got a doggy bag filled with lots of goodies and a discount voucher for desexing.

    You and your kids would love it I'm sure, and the kids can show off their pups puppy school graduation certificate

    Also, your pup will be a BIG boy so make sure he is on large breed puppy food.

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    Hehe, thanks myf!!

    Its 4:30 here (bub decided not to sleep through... fun!) and i thought i would pop on here and just add, i come from a family (exended and close) where our dogs have always been well behaved and very trained dogs. My uncles dog was on TV as he had single handed (ok so he has 4 paws and no hands, so quad pawedly?) raised enough money to buy an ambulance for the town (this was in the UK where i am from) by doing tricks for punters in their pub and finding money around the pub etc. Its just i have never owned a dog where all the training is down to me alone (of course Hubby will help, but you get what i mean).

    Last night when the kids had gone to bed i went and sat outside with Boss like i do almost every night and did a little training. when i left him last night and tucked him into bed he would let me tickle his face with my hair and lift his gum and poke his teeth with out batting an eye lid! (But maybe a roll of his eyes hehehe!!!) He really didnt care! The real test will be this morning when i go let him out of the laundry and he is excited and happy to see us.

    I know if i dont give him lots of socilisation he will be aggressive toward other dogs. I dont want that. As soon as he is 16 weeks we will be out and about with him. There are LOTS of dogs in our area walked every night so i think that will be a good. Next door has a ridgeyxlab and a labdoodle so there is also a good start as they will be able to "talk" to each other
    I really dont want an aggressive dog, not a good mix with young kids.
    Bluestaff- He is on euknuba (or how ever you spell it!) large puppy. I see your point of the kids loving it, but you cant leave a 5 month old baby unattended and a 22 month old doesn't have the vocal skills to be training the dog. My 5 yr old, does help though. But with 3 kids his life is a high distraction environment hehe. I think i will look into it a little more.
    Talk to you all soon.
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    Yes the puppy preschool is great for socialization, but you could do it at home if you have enough access to other dogs he has never met.
    I would start walking him but would not take him to dog parks untill vaccs are finished.
    I have taken pups to shows after 1 vacc to start getting them used to it, I just do not let a heap of poeple touch them & keep them in their crate mostly.16 wks is a little late to start.

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    This is a debatable topic re socialization.
    Pups critical period is between 6-16 weeks and the brain grows to 80% by 16 weeks. So leaving it until 16 weeks could be detrimental to him. If he has had his first and maybe his second vaccinations, If you are sensible and go to low risk areas and introduce him to some dogs that have been fully vaccinated friends dogs, family member's dog etc where you know the dogs history I would be starting sooner rather than later.
    Getting him used to traveling in the car and so on.
    With xmas here and holidays he maybe too old to start puppy pre school. Most only take up to 16 weeks.

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    well i thought 16 weeks was late, but you hear about all these parvo stories.... i think i might get the lead out this afternoon thanks for that!

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    3+dog. Congrats on your new pup! I have a Bullmastiff x Ridgeback (x several other things ) and she is the sweetest thing out there great with people great with kids (not so great with cats, she chases them LOL but thats a socialisation thing make sure you introduce your pup to some cats!)

    As everyone else has said up to the 16 weeks is a critical period for socialisation so definitely try to get out there and meet as many other dogs as you can before she hits that age. Also a training or obedience club is a really good idea so that you pup learns to follow instructions outside of the home and in highly distracting environments ie: lots of other pups/dogs around.

    Keira my Bullmasttiff X is well behaved at home will do as she is told etc but gets easily distracted away from home as I didn't do any outside training, this is not a mistake I will make again and definitely recommend everyone to do some puppy school. If you can't get into a puppy school because of age some places offer Older Puppy Schools for dogs over 16 weeks. Have a look at a few places in your area.

    Good luck!!! Also its forum policy that you post some pictures for us hehe

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