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Thread: Help! I Think My Puppy is Sick :(

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    Question Help! I Think My Puppy is Sick :(

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I really need some help!

    I have a 9 week old Staffy pup - This morning he threw up and then had mucous in his stool as well as what appeared to be a human hair ball mixed into it. From what I can gather, he has eaten hair off the floor and due to the irritation to his stomach, there was mucous in the stool.

    He was still very active, eating and drinking but I called my vet to double check and they assured me that he should be fine but to add some fiber in his diet to help his stool along and get rid of any remaining hair.

    I mixed some all bran into his food, he ate it and his next stool didn't contain as much mucous but still had a small amount of hair in it.

    Fast forward about 8 hours and I have just noticed that he now has a thickened mucous coming out of his penis.

    Should I be worried? I'm starting to freak out a little bit and it's too late to take him to the vet. If I have reason to freak out, I will take him to the animal hospital but if not, then I will take him to the vet in the morning.

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    What is he acting like? Normal? Lethargic? If he is acting a little strange, doesn't eat dinner etc probably best to head to the animal hospital. If he is acting normal and eating fine then just keep an eye on him tonight

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    he could have some sort of infection around the penis or even a grass seed lodged in there. It could probably wait till morning but if you're freaked out, a vet would be a good idea.

    Puppies eat everything, it's up to you to make sure they don't get the opportunity. You might want to consider crate training him so he can be safe when you're not able to pay full attention to what he's doing.

    9 weeks is very young to be separated from his litter. Some breeders prefer to wait till 12 weeks. Stress can cause problems with the digestive system too.

    Make sure you find a nice puppy pre-school - your vet should be able to recommend one as he will need loads of socialisation with other puppies still but in an environment that is safe and well supervised and free of unvaccinated dogs. Puppy pre-school is as much about training the owners what to expect and how to handle it as teaching the puppy appropriate manners.

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