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Thread: Questions when Buying a New Pup

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    Default Questions when Buying a New Pup

    What questions should you ask a breeder when considering buying a puppy?

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    Here goes..
    If you have decided on a purebreed you will need to seek out a breeder which abide by the ANKC which will provide you with a certificate that their puppies are disease free and they are bound by ANKC to protect consumers and breeders.
    So some questions;
    Are you an ANKC registered Breeder?
    What health tests have you done on the breeding pair?
    Do you show your dogs?
    Do you temp test your pups?
    What terms do you sell your puppies on? Main or Limited,any desexing terms and conditions relating to the return of the pup or dog if you cannot keep it. Check out Dogs Victoria regarding different registers.
    What come in your puppy pack?
    When are you expecting to have pups available?

    Pups ,by law, should be 8 weeks or older.

    Expect them to ask as many questions of you as you have of them.

    Make sure you have a full understanding of the breed.

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    Molly33 thats pretty much exactly what I said in the original thread too
    Education not Legislation

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    Thanks Molly.
    I have heard about 'Ataxia', how important is it for the pup to be tested?
    Is VCA registration ok?

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    And how about:

    "How will the appropriate puppy for my needs be selected?"

    (I mean, does the breeder select for you, or do you get the pick of the available pups- I include this in case you may be looking at working line breeds)

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    The answers to your questions were given to me by some very ethical breeders.
    I will never own a pure breed, so to speak, as my passion is in rescue. I volunteer in 2 shelters and I know I will only ever own a pound dog.
    That does not mean I don't support good breeders. So I asked them what questions would they ask so I could pass onto others.

    As for "Ataxia" I had not heard of it before so after a quick search if it's common in a breed you are considering, then yes.

    There are good and bad breeders everywhere, whether they are ANKC and or VCA.
    So long as they heath test, and can prove it, bring the pups up in a home environment and not in pens and runs, don't mass produce and will give you support then go for it.

    What breed are they considering?
    Have you checked out Dogs Victoria and dogz on line?

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    Looking at English Staffys.

    Have checked out dogzonline also.

    Also have forwarded those questions to both breeders I am considereing - so hopefully all goes well.


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    Just a tip don't call them "English Staffy's" as it's not their correct name and can get on breeders nerves. Their proper name is Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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    also breeder support, the breeder will have good experience in puppy stages, temperment issues etc so can be a great person to talk to regarding training and development.

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    Staffordshire Bull Terriers are not tested for Ataxia - AMERICAN Staffordshire Terriers are........
    Genetic testing for SBT is for L2-Hga and HC.
    You should receive proof of these tests being done, either on the puppies themselves, or the parents/grandparents.

    The list above is a good one for questions to ask.

    Also, prices should not change depending on colour......

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