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Thread: Do You Stop to Look at Puppies in Pet Shops?

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    I think that by law pet shops are only allowed to sell vaccinated puppies (and kittens), plus it's easy to catch them out if they don't have the dog's vet records. They do however frequently lie about a dogs age. They'll pass 6 week old pups as 8 weeks old and if they don't get sold by 12 weeks they'll pass them off as 8 weeks again. The new owners only end up finding out when they take the dog to the vet that the pet shop did.
    Yes but you see they can be lisence to vacc so can make their own paperwork.

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    I think the puppys in the pet shop make me feel they are very weak,they should all have a owner,a home,that's may be the most efficient way to achieve that purpose.
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    i can't help myself - i always stop and look even though it makes me so sad and angry.

    saw a little poodle x maltese the other day fast asleep in her glass cage. she had gone a number 2 just next to where she was sleeping and the poor thing had obviously sat in it or something as her little behind was filthy!

    Is there anything we can do to help stop the mindless cruelty?
    I've signed this petition RSPCA - HELP US CLOSE PUPPY FACTORIES but it all just makes me feel so powerless.

    Sorry for the rant and thanks for reading!

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    I have not been to pet shops for a few years now. I just can't stand them any more.
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