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Thread: Another Puppy?

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    Red face Another Puppy?


    I really want to get Dexter another friend, would it be silly to get another puppy?
    At the moment I have a 10 week old Rotty x ..
    But I want another one, for Dex and of course myself !!
    I think once Dex gets a bit more trained we could get another baby!
    Please let me know what your opinion is on 2 pups at the same time?
    Besides a lot of work

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    Dont do it! thats my opinion. They can fixate on each other and cause havoc. I have done it because I had to save 2 pups from a very marginal future, when I had already just got my planned pup that I had waited ages for. I dont recommend it particularly if you are not experienced with dogs. I have worked through it because I am experienced with multiple dogs but it has been hard work and probably detrimental to the amount of time I have had to invest in each young dog and to their bond with me. I think it has set us all back although we will get there.

    Dex and you need time to bond and Dex needs time to learn and so do you.

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    You will have enough on your plate with one Rotty until he is much, much older. There could be competition once the dogs reach sexual maturity, and in big dogs serious injury and fatalities are far too common. See how you go with one first.

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    I agree with the others, one puppy is hard work. I think if you have two at the same time you risk having two badly behaved dogs in the future. My Rottie is 19 months old and even at her age I wouldn't consider another pup because she still requires so much attention and ongoing reinforcement of training. It would also be very difficult to train two puppies at the same time because you would have to do it separately so as not to confuse them.

    I would never consider another pup until my other dog was perfectly trained and over all their adolescent issues.

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    From the head:
    dont do it. Im a rottie lover, as such, i know they are idiots till about 3 yrs of age, when they get the majestic touch.

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