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    we have got a 8 week old staffy puppy.. we got her 1 week ago. we have had her sleep on her bed in our room this week cause i coudnt bear to here her wine the first night. this is not what we are wanting long term. we are wanting to move her into the laundry room where we are fitting a doggy door for her to be able to go outside and wee if she needs! i no she is going to cry when we move her what is the best way to do thiis transition??

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    Hi There,
    Im no expert but remember being told to start as you intend to continue with your pup..which means if you want her to sleep in the laundry then you need to get that happening now. Your pup is definitely going to cry because you have already let her experience the bliss of being on your bed
    I use a crate for my pup to sleep in as he feels secure in there and really loves also reduces accidents etc with his toilet training,chewing and destroying things while we sleep or are out.If you had a crate and don't want to do the cold turkey with your pup i would suggest crating her and have her sleep in your room to start off with and gradually mover her further away from your bed,room and into the laundry. Hope that helps
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    I always let new additions sleep on the bed for the first week. Which also means the current dogs sleep there too (bit of a pain with Barney as he is a big boy).

    I just move them when I decide its time. I dont make a fuss, I just put em away and go to bed lol.

    However, I do always have 2 dogs though and most times, the new baby sleeps with the older dog once they move off our bed so we have never really had any issues with whining

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    You mean dogs sleep other places than the bed *gasp*
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChoppaChop View Post
    You mean dogs sleep other places than the bed *gasp*
    They do if they are newfs

    We keep our pups with us too, easier for potty training, because you can hear them. And we have a few dogs, so they just seem to go where the older dogs go
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    I'd start confining him straight away. They will carry on for a week or so, but they get used to it. We did that to our boy and now he is happy to sleep next to the bed, although happier when we invite him up lol. He sleeps with the kids however when the doors are open. When room doors are closed he is happy to go sleep on his faithful ol' comfy chair. Our new girl seems to have been spoilt by her previous owner. She used to headbutt our door and scatch at the bottom to try and get in on our bed. She has since settled (a little, she still jumps up on the couch every now and then uninvited) and now shares Dylans chair.

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