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Thread: Genuine Question About Where to Buy a Puppy Please Dont Flame Me

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    Default Genuine Question About Where to Buy a Puppy Please Dont Flame Me

    Ok I was very hesitant to post in any dog forum as I see so many threads turning nasty but I want to do the right thing so I will ask and just hope that people will give good information rather than hurl abuse.

    We would love to add a dog to our family. I had looked into pet rescue but to be honest alot of the dogs I saw were too big for us and despite the fact that I personally love the idea of the older dog who is at least house broken I dont want to deprive my little girls of the puppy experience that I so enjoyed with my own beloved dog when I was little.

    Now here is where some of you may get cross. I do want to get a cross breed, mutt mongrel whatever you want to call it. I have a friend who has a Beaglier and I just love this dog. Smaller and less intense than a beagle but still has many of the wonderful traits of the beagle.

    I am aware she may have just lucked out (she did by it from a pet shop which of course I am avoiding) and I know litters in these "new" mixed breed dogs are variable at best.

    What I want to know is it at all possible to find a breeder who has this cross who has done their homework on their dogs and is a "good" breeder. Who cares about the dogs perhaps has bred one of these breeds and is connected with someone who has the other type of breed. I dont want to support puppy mills I thought I was onto a good thing with ACA breeders when Burkes Backyard and Today Tonight gav such good reviews but I was dismayed to see they are being investigated.

    Can anyone help me? I am prepared to fly interstate (I am in Melbourne)

    Thank you for reading

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    If you get a cross breed puppy, make sure you can view the parents and where they came from so they aren't from a puppy farm. You can't really know the temperament of the dog because it will be either a cavalier or a beagle temp or a mix of both.. this goes for the appearance and health also. There is no consistency with a cross breed.

    Google puppy farms or do a forum search, that way you will understand exactly why they should not ever be purchased from them. Most pet shops sell puppies from farms and almost all "designer" breeds are bred at puppy farms. You are correct about ACA, they run the biggest puppy mill in Victoria.

    I would also suggest checking out pounds because many beagle crosses end up in them.

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    I actually just saw some ads in the trading post for this cross breed.. one is 14 months old.

    There is also a litter listed in SA with both parents on show. They are advertised as 2nd generation pure bred
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    We see a lot of these in the shelters. I'm not a fan of cross breeds that are bred purely for the dollar. If you like your friends dog so much check out the breeder.
    There are so many breeds out there.
    If you are in Melb visit the "Big Day out for Dogs" All breed dog show where you can meet some breeds you may not have even thought about. Details on Dogs Victoria website.
    Just a thought.

    some back yard breeders are puppy farmers but on a smaller scale.
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    I would not rule animal shelters out as there are lots of puppies but they tend to go fast.If you look up animal shelters in your area you can get emails from them with all the latest dogs and puppies they have.

    Very sad really as there is just a constant amount of unwanted dogs and puppies and when we got our rescue dog they were phoning up someone saying they had a spare kennel.

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    If you are really interested in rescue dogs, there are plenty of puppies available at rescues. They get dumped by people who really don't care and the lucky ones are found by someone who cares enough to take them to a vet, who in turn get in contact with a rescue organisation who take them on instead of having them euthanased. There are plenty of puppies of all sizes and breeds that are dumped. You can let them know you are interested in a particular type of puppy and they will contact you when one comes in.

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    Thankyou I am in Melbourne I will try some shelters if anyone can reccomend a particular one it would be appreciated.

    I dont really want to go down the friend of mines path as she got hers from a well known department store style pet shop. Thanks for the advice about the shelters will definately be giving that a go

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    There's the lost dogs home, RSPCA (Burwood), blue cross, and try PetRescue - find your new best friend!

    Good luck

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    PetRescue is the site that I used that can email you the latest dogs and puppies that need homes.

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