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Thread: Genuine Question About Where to Buy a Puppy Please Dont Flame Me

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    Also check out.
    Save a Dog, Lort Smith, Lost Dogs Home, RSPCA, AAPS Australian Animal Protection Society, Blue Cross Animal Society.
    Websites and home pages are not always updated so It may pay to give them a call.
    Phone calls are not always answered straight away. You can't leave your name and what breed you are after as there are not enough hours in a day to chase up everyones requests. Most shelters and private rescue groups are run on a shoe string budget and volunteers so replies can be a little slow. Take your time and visit some shelters and meet some of the lovely dogs that need homes the right one will be out there for you.

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    The RSPA in burwood is really good, but ask to see the puppies because most of the dogs you will see are a little bit older and they will only show you the puppies if you request to.

    I understand your situation, when i first got on here i asked the same question i also wanted a cross breed etc etc and i got drilled with supporting puppy farms and i had no idea what puppy farms were let alone supporting them.
    However even though i got some not so nice comments it did open my mind up to animal shelters and i went and had a look at a number of them. Unforunatly i couldnt find the dog for me and so i got my puppies from the trading post.
    You will know inside of you if you beleive its a puppy farm or all about money. I just recommend checking out the mother and father and make sure the puppies are in good condition and their living environment.
    When i got mine unfortunatly they were not vaccinated, neither parent had be vacinated, none had been wormed or anything and the other puppies died, so in my heart taking the last 2 puppies was saving them and giving them a good life.

    Good luck i hope you find the right puppy for you where ever you may find him/her

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    Thank you again everyone. We will be checking out the dog shelters in the new year. A friend used to work for Lort Smith so I might contact her about the best way to go as well.

    Spuddy thanks everytime I go past a certain pet store in maor shopping centres my daughters go crazy at the puppies but now it jut makes me sad. I am glad you were able to give a couple a good life. It seems those stores probably lead to alot of not so well thought through puppy buying decisions and I imagine that many end up in shelters. I am glad your two have a happy home.

    Thanks again

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