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Thread: Ripping Cloths of the Line!!

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    Angry Ripping Cloths of the Line!!

    Hi everyone,
    I have a 18 week old PureBred Male Husky, We have had him since he was 8 weeks old, When i go to work during the day, I think my puppy is getting bored, as he keeps ripping our cloths of the cloths line! I have tryed buying him more and different toys, also placing his bedding, toys, bowls ect. away from the cloths line so he is not seeing it all the time and getting ideas. The cloths line is around the other side of the house, away from everything ealse, it is almost hidden, so our pup is dilibritly going around there to rip the cloths off! If anyone has the same problem or had the same problem who has any ideas, i would love to hear from you!!

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    Hi... this is a really annoying bad behaviour!!

    My Rottweiler used to do the same thing. The number one thing when dealing with this problem is to remember that when you come home after your dog has done this at some stage throughout the day and find the clothes scattered across the back yard, is that telling your dog off will do nothing. If you don't catch your dog in the act then its a wait of time telling him off! Your dog will not be able to connect the act of ripping the clothes of the line with the concequence of getting yelled at/told off. A consequence will only work if it is an immediate consequence.

    Considering you have done the right thing by getting toy etc. have you got toys like Kongs?? That can be filled with food etc.???

    If you have tried everything you might like to try water balloons hanging hidden within the clothes if you dog is not fond of water/getting wet! It does mean that you might end up with wet clothes once again but it will also mean that your dog will get squirt in the face with water every time he grabs something off the line. If your dog does not mind the water/getting wet why not try something that will make a loud noise every time he pulls something off the line (e.g. hanging multiple cans close together to the clang together and make a loud noice every time he pulls on the clothes and make the cloths line move). These ways will ensure that your dog learns that if he touches the clothes line then he will get something he doesn't like rather that another chew toy while your away from the house.

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    You could try buying a couple of old sheets from vinnies and dipping them in lemon juice or chillie paste. The taste will be enough to put him off.

    Also, filling up a few water balloons and hanging them from the line might work too. When they get a cold splash in the face from popping the balloon it tends to shock them out of doing it again.

    To really prevent it though, plenty of exercise to tire him out. Also leave him with a bone every morning to keep him busy. Dogs are like kids. If you don't give them something to do they will make up their own game!! A treat ball or kong with something yummy inside will also help.

    Good luck!!

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    The way I stopped it was only having the washing out when I was home to supervise, and I'd hang it out with a loaded water squirty next to me. And if she even looked like she was going to sniff something on the line, I'd pick up the squirty. A few well timed "bah" in neutral tones, and squirts - direct hits not required and she's never pulled anything off the line.

    She does get a walk for an hour most mornings and again in the evenings. And I do lots of training stuff with her. And if I go out without her, I usually shut her in the house.

    I second the idea of loading the clothes line with things that would be NO FUN AT ALL to pull off - like balloons of water inside sheets etc. Maybe a few plastic bags of tin cans (to make rattle and prevent rust attaching to the sheets).

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    my rottie used to do this too, wonder if its a breed thing lol
    I laid a trap, with a metal biscuit tin filled with keys at the ready. He sniffed, i threw the biscuit tin at him, making lots of nasty sound, scared the life out of him. I also had noticed that he wont go near, black and yellow hazard tape you see on construction works. I dangled a few metre lengths of that, from his point of view, there were snakes on the washing, stay clear!
    good luck

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    All good ideas above

    I've never had a destructive dog, but then I tend to get toys specific to what each dog enjoys doing. I would be only hanging washing out when you're there to catch him and teach him that it's now allowed, or alternatively blocking the area off so he can't get to it.

    If he's the type of dog that likes to pull on things, you could try an Aussie Dog home alone toy or make something similar and encourage him to use that instead.

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    Here are some suggestions I found for you.

    Hope they help!

    How to Get a Dog to Stop Pulling Clothes off a Clothesline |

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    Fill a heavy duty garbage bag with water and vinegar and tie it to the clothes line, let it hang at hanging height sit back and watch your dog correct himself
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    This is what I did to solve this problem with my border collie Jessie
    I hung filled 2 wheelie bin bag liners inside each other with water mixed in with the hanging washing
    and when she went to grab and tug the bags thinking they were the washing guess what ?
    She broke the bags and got the shock of her life with a worth while drenching all at once,
    she done that at 4 months old now shes nearly 6 months and to this day never has touched the washing again .. try it and good luck .
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    i think he will be used to with your routine very soon .he is new at your home thats why his
    behavior is like this .

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