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Thread: Chewing... Need Some Help Please!!

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    Hey guys,

    We recently adopted two amstaff puppies, 11 month old male and 4 month old female. It was Monday afternoon when we picked them up (so not quite a week). They are outside dogs, sleep on steel frame sling beds and are wonderful at night, we don't really hear them at all.

    They happily amuse themselves all day. They get walked for at least half an hour every morning, they come home to a good play in the back yard which normally only lasts 5 mintues coz they are stuffed. This is followed by their 'breakky' be it mince (beef, lamb, chicken or roo). After this they are generally ready for a sleep. Then they'll wake up have a play / drink / toilet....etc and this continues til 11am ish and they are given a bone each.

    Now until today they have had my OH home .... he is ALWAYS in the shed and they love sleeping in there while he's working in there. But yesterday arve (friday) he went out of town to work bout 5pm and I was at work til 7.30pm. For this time we thought we'd see how they would go with access to the shed, as I said they LOVE it in there. I got home and all was in order, except one dish, they had knocked over and chewed a piece of plastic pipe. I thought they may have chewed it as it would have bounced very enticingly when it fell out of the dish. Ignored it cleaned up mess and that brought us to today.

    Normally I would be at work but I've been crook, they got their walk still this morning and their play, had breakky then sleep, then woke up for a play and then got a bone each. Bout lunch time I had a sleep and they were fine when I got up no worries. I went out about 2pm for just over an hour, got home and they were fine. Went out about 3pm for 2 hours got home and they'd chewed a shoe.

    Now I realise that by me not putting them away they were there for the taking, however they hadn't touched a shoe in nearly a week and it wasn't the first time they were left home alone.

    So without shifting the shoes what can I do to deter chewing, I will try eucalyptus oil tomorrow, I bought 'Stop CHew' but the 4 month old likes it. Also is there anyway I can 'discipline' them for it? I ask because normally you would have to 'check' a wrong behaviour all but instantly so wasn't sure if there was anything I could do.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh by the way, I searched for any answers that may have already been floating around but I couldn't find anything.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and I appreciate any help/advice you can give

    Cheers Aleesha

    PS I posted this in the training section too wasnt' sure where was best

    PPS they had a rope toy, two chew toys and a marrow bone each that they had been given earlier in they day and they weren't finished with. Also their pool was available for them to play in (it's warm enough up here)
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    You need to keep anything you don't want chewed away from them. They are both still young and can't be expected to learn what is and is not their toys unless you teach them. If you are home and watching them, you can take things they shouldn't chew away from them and immediately replace it with one of their toys. This works very well but I think they need to be older before they will stop investigating other things.

    I would be teaching the dogs what is theirs so in 12 months time you have a great dog who doesn't chew anything it shouldn't.

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    Thanks Mollinator, I did think this was going to be the only answer as I couldn't see a way of disciplining (if that's what you call it) so long after the fact.

    OH will have to be vigilent when he is home with them all day so in 12 months they won't go near them. When he's not here I can make sure they are away when I'm at work!

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    Agree with Mol. I have 2 pups, have had since birth and they are now 11 months old.
    For my peace of mind I dog proof.
    My 3 dogs are inside on rotation and supervised but I still have boots etc out of reach and chew toys inside for them.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    You can try vicks vapor rub or extremely hot chilli (my dog aquired taste for chilli so it doesn't always work), or balancing stacks of tin cans on shelves where you don't want dogs counter surfing.

    But the main way to stop chewing is to
    1. make sure there is nothing around to chew.
    2. be there when they get that "I think I'll try this" look, tell them "leave it" and give them something else more fun to do or a treat - immediately.

    consider getting them black kongs or purple squirrel dudes and loading them up with dog food and freezing it in. And also consider rotating or rationing toys. Ie they are no different to small children who get bored with the same toys every day but get very excited about an old one they haven't seen in ages.

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    I will make sure all shoes are away when i go to work today and then they won't be able to chew anything.

    Will have to buy some more toys for them so i can rotate them.

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    Get them a Kong each and make sure you fill both with treats. Should keep them amused for ages.

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    My dogs loved a treat ball. I would put their biscuits in there when I went out and they would spend hours rolling it round and trying to get every last biscuit out.

    My youngsters will grab anything like socks and shoes etc so I just keep them put away. As they have got older and at 12 months they are becoming more reliable although I still keep things out of reach!.

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