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Thread: Housetraining - How Long Did It Take You?

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    Default Housetraining - How Long Did It Take You?

    We have decided as a family to get a dog at the start of the Summer school holidays since my mum, my sister and I would all be home every day to look after our puppy (my mum and sister are both teachers).
    In case you are wondering, in NSW the Summer holidays are forty one days or five weeks and three days long.

    We decided this would be best because we could housetrain the dog before we have to leave it alone all day. Obviously not completely, but as much as possible.
    I was just wondering, on average, how long has it taken you to housetrain your pups?

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    My mini schnauzer was toilet trained within 2 weeks maybe shorter. By the time when i returned to work (i had two weeks leave for the puppy), he was completely toilet trained. My s/tzu came toilet trained.

    My dogs stay in the backyard while we work.
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