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    so, recently we blocked of all exits to our yard that Dutch had discovered from his need to apparently be with me 24/7 despite the bones and toys that litter our yard for him! He is inside with us a lot too! Anyway, now he has discovered he can dig his way out and then stand at the front door until we appear!

    So, my question is how do I stop him digging his way out? He is only in the backyard for between 3 - 6 hours a day!

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    I run chicken wire along the fence at a right angle. I have it about 10cm up the fence and about 20cm across the grass, I don't dig it in just let the grass grow through it that way we can just mow over it.

    I hope you manage to contain him.

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    Hi Stack, sounds like poor Dutch has really bad separation anxiety.
    Honestly I would contact a behaviorist.
    If you don't get on top of it it will only get worse.

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