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    Hi everyone im just after any help possible

    one of my lil pups who is about 13-14 weeks old went to the vet on friday to get his microchip and hart worm vaccine......for the rest of friday arvo and night he had diarrhea and sat and sunday he seemed fine. Then this arvo he has vomited about 6 time in the past 2.5 hours, alot of vomit! it seems as though its food his throwing up and its getting less and less..............the vets are shut now so i cant call them and now im really worried about him

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    Diarrhea and vomiting in a pup can be very bad indeed. Has he been vaccinated?

    Best case scenario: tummy upset.

    Worst: Parvovirus, corona virus.

    In the middle are infections like coccidia which are nasty but bacterial so treatable with antibiotics.

    Is there any blood in his diarrhea? If it is bad vomiting and diarrhea severe dehydration can be the biggest problem, and if it is Parvo the dehydration can kill young pups quickly.

    You need to see a vet.

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    How is pup?
    I am surprised they gave him the heartworm shot at that age?
    Or was it c3 and c5? or all 3?

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    Hey thanks for your help, turned out we called a 24 hr vet and took him there, the vet just gave him an injection to settle his tummy and by the morning he was fine When he had his heart worm injection he would of been about 3 months, they said they get a shot at 3 months, then at 6 months and then yearly after that.

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    3 months is very young. We usually give our first heart worm injections at 6 months.
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    hhhmmm, maybe that upset his tummy.....

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    Could be. Mine were done at 6 months too.
    How is he today?

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