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Thread: What Age Puppy School?

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    Hey all,

    I have just adopted a beautiful little Bull terrier/Blue Heeler X (8 weeks old, female). I am told that 3 months of age is when a puppy should start school, but given the intelligent/hyperactive mix of this pup, can I start early?

    Any help appreciated, cheers

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    I have just been reading about puppy pre-schools and from what I have found it is best between 8 and 18 weeks and they must of had at least the 1st vaccination.

    My puppy will be going at around 13 weeks, because the trainer wants to wait for more day light.

    I am also hoping that the people in the group will be willing to have a puppy play group after the pre-school to keep the puppies worn out.

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    Usually after the first injection, i would prefer after the 2nd again depends on the puppy school.
    Make sure it's a reputable school and that the classes are in a controlled calm environment and that they don't let all the pups off leash.
    Pups are usually tired after a class and they only have a short attention span.

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    Please do not leave your puppy's classes until she is 3 months... this is way too long. If possible find a club and start her this weekend! If you are in Melbourne I can make a few suggestions just PM me.

    Molly is right in what she said, on-lead classes only are better. It may not seem as fun, but much better for your dog's development. Have a read about over-socialising and under-socialising your dog.

    For lots of great info on why and how to train your puppy research into whats called the "critical period'. this is between 6-16 weeks. Very interesting and it will make a big difference to you puppies life.

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    Hi there,

    We recently took our two pups througha puppy school course, we waited till they were 12weeks, after their 2nd vaccination.
    We didn't particularly get a lot out of it. i think the real benefit was for the pups to get some socaliseation with other dogs. it's very important when they are young.

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