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Thread: Agressive Behaviour Towards Other Pups

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    Default Agressive Behaviour Towards Other Pups

    Hi all, some advice please

    We have had occasional issues with Chewbacca showing some aggression towards other puppies at puppy preschool. Some people, in particular the vet at the school, have suggested that it might be due to our allowing Chewbacca to play with older dogs. Do any on this forum think this is wrong/right?

    I took him to the off leash park for the first time today. There was another puppy (a little older) there today who became first puppy to challenge Chewbacca for dominance; none of the puppies at the preschool ever challenged Chewie when he started showing aggressive behaviour (and some of them were also older). After that initial "disagreement" there were no more problems with the puppy he met.

    I am cautious of taking Chewbacca out because while I know he will be respectful to adult dogs, he may not be so to immature dogs. My other half wants us to take him to a trainer. Do we really need to? Is this an issue that should sort itself out? If we don't see the trainer, what will happen as Chewie gets bigger? Will he start to challenge bigger animals?

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    What breed is your pup?
    How do they run the classes at the vet?
    I would be very careful about off leash parks a lot of accidents happen there and yes I would definitely take him to a trainer or a reputable obedience class.

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    It's very rare for puppies to be aggressive... Are you sure it's not just play growling and play biting because he's a puppy?

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    I think it is because he is a puppy and hasn't learnt all his manners yet. I think I am cautious becasuse his silliness resulted in another pup bleeding. He is a Labradoodle.

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    It may be a good idea to stay away from off lead areas until he is at least 17 weeks old. This is because he is still in his critical training period until 16 weeks- any events/attackes/behaviours learnt during this time will stay with him for the rest of his life.

    Your husband is smart in suggesting a trainer If you think it is necessary, we cannot judge as we have not seen the dog.
    Find a reputable trainer who has a qualification in dog training if possible, though it may be hard due to your location.

    The worst thing you can do is not allow your pup to play with any other pups. Find a doggy friend (who is calm but not fearful) and practical in a quiet location. Introduce the dogs to each other on a nice loose lead. If your boy is gently then give him lots of rewards. Food treats are great.

    If he gets a bit rough then do not tell him off, just call him away and walk backwards. When he is calm then you can try away. I even use the word "gentle" with my dog, but this is entirely up to you.

    Best of luck

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    Well Chewie ha grown out of his aggresive behaviour. We haven't had a single problem with his agression since the husky pinned him. His recent behaviour has been that of a well socialised and adjusted dog. We are very pleased with him and have put that agression incident down to being a silly puppy who still has to learn manners.

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    Thanks for a follow up post. It is an excellent news.
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    Default take action

    The last thing you would want to do is ignore this behavior. Your puppy is at his/her formative stage -- if you let this form of aggression be without correcting it -- your puppy will see this as a good and normal behavior which could lead to more problems in the future.

    Good news that he is doing better though. If the aggressive behavior returns, look into obedience training.

    Formal obedience training could be a good idea. Just make sure to take action.
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    We are already taking him to obedience training, basicly because he will end up being a large dog (15kgs at 5 months) and it would be nuts not to. Plus we are thinking about agility training when he is older.

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