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    Hi Everyone,

    We have 2 Maltese X Shih Tzu pups that are almost 6 months old now. they are from the same litter, one male and one female.

    A couple of days ago, Yoshi's (the male)behavour changed. He's not aggressive or anything, just seems to be particulaly needy now. he'll sit and sort of cry until he's picked up or comforted in some way, this wasn't the case before. over the last few nights he has also started running outside, (through the doggy-door) and barking for 10mins or so at a time, several times throughout the night. we've been bringing him back inside when this happens and then locking the doggy door closed. this seems to settle him down. Although the other night he was crying a number of times throughout the night as well. He also seems to be quite a bit lethargic. Still moving around, but jsut not as much as normal.
    in addition to this, when he is sitting down, he kind of lifts one of his back legs up like maybe it is hurt or something.

    We thought perhaps he had hurt his leg, i've throughly inspected it touching it etc and he doesn't seem to flinch or anything when it's pressed, perhaps it's a muscle strain?

    i don't know if the lethargy and other behavour type things are related? i thought maybe it was his hormones starting to play a part, at almost 6 months he is probabbly going through puberty. it looks liek his testicles are dropping now as well, so perhaps that is causing him some discomfort when he sits like he used to?

    We took him to the vet last night to get checked, she couldn 't find anything wrong with him at all, no injuries on his legs or ticks or anything.
    anyone got any ideas out there?

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    Sometimes little dogs lift a back leg when walking or sitting just as a mannerism, or even as a nervous reaction. It does sound like he is suddenly a bit anxious. Has something happened perhaps when you're not about that has worried him?

    Oh, and at six months his testicles should be well and truly down. If they're not down by about 10 weeks there could be trouble. So perhaps they are uncomfortable? Undescended testes can be at higher risk of testicular torsion and other problems like testicular cancer - even in young dogs. Small breeds such as yours are at higher risk of undescended testicles.

    Maybe desexing time?

    From Pet - Cryptorchidism and Undescended Testicles - all you need to know.
    Most texts define cryptorchidism as the condition whereby one or both testicles are not present within the scrotal sac of the animal (dog or cat) by 8 weeks of age. Using this definition, animals whose testicles have not descended into the scrotum by this time should ideally not be bred from and should be considered cryptorchid. Certainly, many of the textbooks state that if a male animal's teste/s have not descended by 2 months of age, then they are very unlikely to. Other texts are a little more generous, allowing the animal up to 16 weeks before deeming the animal's gonads unlikely to descend.

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    Thanks very much for the reply. We had thought it time for desexing, and he and his sister had it done today, we pick them up tomorrow morning. We could see both testes but they weren't "hanging" down like i've seen on some bigger dogs.. they'll be gone by now anyways...

    the leg seems like it might be bothering him a little bit when he sits down. he still seems to be able to run and jump etc with out any trouble...

    what do you think about starting to bark at night? I thought maybe he could smell a female dog on heat close by, and was barking at that? given he is probabbly in puberty now!


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    Maybe. Maybe as he gets older he's more aware of his surroundings and any protective instincts will become more tuned in. Puppies are pretty oblivious to the world.

    Hopefully he's just bumped his leg or jumped down from something and landed badly. If it get's worse I'd worry, but it could be just a sprain in his hip por pelvic area in which case it will get better.

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    Just thought i would post a bit of a follow up.

    Yoshi seems to be back to normal now! after a few days of the strange behaviour he is back to his happy old self. ther emust have been something happen at the groomers which spooked him.

    Still has been running outside at night to have a bark though! not sure how to stop that happening..

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